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5-Year-Old Girl Doesn’t Know How To Speak, Then Police Make 2nd Troubling Find

A Russian mother left her five-year-old girl alone in the house for days, forcing the child to fend for herself as she struggles among the piles of cockroach-infested garbage throughout the home. Police rescued the girl, who is being called a real “Mowgli girl,” after she was discovered in those deplorable conditions. She had “no language or social skills” and was left alone to live among the foul-smelling, rotting garbage.

The child, who was found abandoned in the trash, has been dubbed Lyubov (love in English) and was severely dehydrated and sick. Her 47-year-old mother, Irina Garashchenko was “absent for days” at the toxic apartment in Moscow. Because the girl had nothing and no one, she builds a den out of piles of putrid garbage to protect herself from the cockroaches and the shadows of the night.

The apartment was so dangerous that police officers used hazardous materials suits as they rescued the girl. The Russian media dubbed the girl a “Mowgli,” although it is unclear if she was living with cats and dogs or in solitary confinement.

The girl “could not speak, only make sounds, and was not socialized.” She had a necklace that had ingrown in her neck because her mother never removed it when she got too big to wear it.

When police rescued her, they offered her water, and she “drank two liters.” Investigators noticed “pronounced signs of anorexia,” which indicates that she did not have food to eat.

One neighbor knew the girl was in trouble and called the police.

“We almost fainted at the condition of the apartment and from the smell,” the neighbor said. “Police had to wear chemical protection.”

Police indicated that the garbage that the girl built her den out of was rotting and smell foul as anything on this Earth.

The neighbor added, “A five-year-old girl was sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen in a hat and T-shirt with no underwear. She was crying. There was no food. There were cockroaches everywhere.”

Police are not sure if the little girl ever left the apartment. There is a chance that Irina, her mother, kept her locked in the building like a scientific specimen. Neighbors could only say that five-years ago, Irina brought the newborn baby home and thought the baby had gone to live with the grandmother after Irina’s husband was deported to Ukraine. It seems like the girl might have been locked and living in the apartment all that time amid the trash and cockroaches.

While the police were saving the child’s life, the mother returned and tried to flee the scene. However, she was captured and has been detained by police on charges of “attempted murder.”

Neighbors remember seeing the mother “dressed well” as if she made a lot of money and more than enough to care for a child. They thought she had a professional job and remember her sweeping the communal areas of the apartment complex, which they appreciated. Little did they know but she was harboring a child, neglecting the girl, and forcing her to live among the roaches.

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