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A Boy Hit Someone In The Face With A Ball During Dodgeball. Now He’s Being Charged With Assault

After a 10-year-old boy hit another boy in the face with a dodgeball, the police were called, and the little boy was charged and arrested for assault. The 10-year-old boy, who is African American, was playing school-sanctioned dodgeball at Ruth Eriksson Elementary School on April 29, 2019, when a ball he threw hit a while child in the face and that child’s mother called the police on the 10-year-old black boy.

The boy who has been charged with aggravated assault during the playground incident was named Bryce Lindley. The police report concerning his arrest claims that the white child received a concussion following the dodgeball accident because he was unable to catch the ball before it collided into his head.

The white boy’s mother has pressed charges against Bryce because her son suffers from a medical condition. Although the Michigan school should have taken better efforts to protect the child with the medical condition – perhaps by not allowing him to play dodgeball in the first place – the little boy Bryce is the one getting in trouble, which hardly seems fair.

Bryce hit the classmate in the face with the ball only once. Nevertheless, the boy missed the ball, and it gave him a concussion, reportedly. Cameishi Lindley, Bryce’s mother, felt horrible that her son had accidentally hurt the other classmate. But she never thought that the other child’s mother would file a police report to get the 10-year-old child charged with assault for an accident on the playground.

Nevertheless, Wayne County Juvenile Court called Lindley about her son on July 24. That’s when Lindley found out the white boy’s mother filed charges against Bryce, claiming that he threw the dodgeball in the child’s face because he had a medical condition.

“He sustained facial tissue damage to his face. He had a black eye and a bruised nose,” the victim’s mother told WXYZ.

After the incident, Bryce had received a suspension from school for a day. That’s what Bryce’s mother felt like was ample punishment.

“This is a kid that was playing on the playground with his friend,” Lindley said.

But the other child’s mother was ready to fight back. She claimed that her son was often the target of bullies.

“My son was hit twice in the face with a ball previously due to this. The child apologized to my son, and my son said, ‘Mom, it’s okay. We’re still going to be friends.'”

Lindley is “unaware” that there were other incidents. Bryce will have to go to a pre-trial hearing on August 1 at juvenile court. Meanwhile, Lindley has started a fundraising campaign to help gather enough money so her son can have skilled legal counsel. He was a little boy playing on the playground after all.

Some readers believe that Bryce was “racially targeted” and therefore the only child to be charged in the incident although there were previous ones.

“Some 10-year-olds were playing dodgeball on the playground at school. A white kid got hit with the ball. Then they charged the 10-year-old black child with assault,” activist Tariq Nasheed tweeted. “This is why we should not prioritize any of these border issues, while our kids are racially targeted.”

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