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A Photo Of Her Bedroom Is Going Viral After Her Mom Pointed Out The Sex Toys

Ella Martine wants nothing more than to be famous. She’s a singer-songwriter from California who has recently set out on her own. As a young woman in California, she’s free to lead the type of life she’s always dreamed of living. But when her mom asked her for a photo of her new room, she shared an image that might have proven to her mother that she was a lot more “free” with certain things than a mother would have liked.

“Mom’s been asking for pics of my new room… finally sent one… I’m so stupid,” Martine wrote on Twitter. She also shared the same photo that she sent to her mother. And in the snap, you can see – attached to the headboard – a set of handcuffs.

While Martine was happy to indulge her mother’s request for a photo, she did not mean to expose her raunchy and kinky bedtime behavior to her mother. While it was certainly an embarrassing moment for the young wannabe star, it got her in the spotlight faster than her music ever could have done.

The image of the bed shows it nicely made with pillows and a fashionable hanging plant next to it. But the eagle-eyed mother saw the handcuffs attached to the headboard and had the balls to ask her daughter about it.

Nice!” the mom wrote. “Except for the handcuffs? What’s up with that?”

Martine tried to come up with a lie as quickly as she could. She told her mother that her roommate was using the handcuffs for a short film. This only led her mother deeper down the rabbit hole. No mom wants to think her daughter is in any way involved in the adult film industry. But that’s not what Ella Martine was thinking. She was just trying to lie to her mother to get out of the embarrassing situation.

“I told her that my roommate was making a short film for a class, she didn’t believe me,” Ella wrote.

Twitter users thought her lie was terrible. One responded, “Neither will Jesus believe that.”

Her mother, who is very forthcoming, said: “Remove them, super tacky.”

The mother also told her embarrassed daughter that the handcuffs locked on the bed were “not very classy” and “very freshman year, not junior.”

Martine was so embarrassed. Her text message responses answering to her mother are difficult to read. You can hear her little girl voice squeaking as she types them out, desperately trying to convince her mother that she’s not using the handcuffs as a sex toy.

Many people on Twitter commended Martine’s mom for even being able to see the handcuffs in the picture. It leads some people to wonder just what mom was getting up to when she was her daughter’s age.

Some people offered Martine some sage advice for dealing with parents while away at college. One user named Carlos said, “Always triple check your work before submitting.” That’s a lesson that Ella Martine could take to heart.

What do you think about this embarrassing incident with her mother?

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