An On-Duty Cop Was Shot And Killed. 2 Years Later, His Family Sees A Line Of Police Cars Outside : AWM

An On-Duty Cop Was Shot And Killed. 2 Years Later, His Family Sees A Line Of Police Cars Outside

When an on-duty police officer died while protecting and serving his community, those people – his community – whom he risked his life for, gave back to his family in a big way. Because the killed cop’s daughter was slated to go to the prom, it was the police department that came to her rescue to make sure she showed up to the dance in style.

After nearly two decades in the police department, the community was still looking out for Officer Charlie Kondak and his family. Officer Kondak was known as a kind and big-hearted man who put his life on the line every single day he was a police officer. And he did it because he believed in a world governed by a greater good.

While working in Tarpon Springs, Florida as a police officer, Kondak raised a family of six children alongside his beloved wife. And because he was so close to his eldest daughter, Aleena, it was particularly hard for her when her father died.

His life was taken from him when he was only forty-five-years-old. He was on a routine call when someone shot and killed him.

His family members were not the only people devastated at his loss. Thousands of other people across the community also hated losing the father figure and beloved officer. He was a good guy whom many people respected and loved.

Kondak was survived by his wife and six children, and they were devastated at losing the best man they had ever known. It broke his wife’s heart to know that he would miss out on their children growing up and growing into young adults with bright futures and successful families and careers of their own.

And when it came time for his eldest daughter, Aleena, to go to prom, the police department made sure she arrived at the dance like a superstar. Kondak’s friends and other members of the police department organized it, so Aleena got a surprise at prom when she and her date stepped off the party bus.

In front of them, dozens of cops formed a line to welcome the girl and her date into the dance. It was a touching moment because the young woman knew that it was all happening because her father was a good man whom everyone in Tarpon Springs respected and loved.

The police officers applauded Aleena and her date. They were admiring how beautiful she had become in the two years since her father’s death. They were so proud to see her growing up and tried to share some of the pride that her father would have had for her at that moment with the girl and her date.

Then the mass of cops handed Aleena a bouquet of flowers and posed for photos with her.

It meant everything to Aleena to know that the community had never forgotten about her father. It was amazing for her to know that her father was still respected although he had died in the line of duty two years prior.

Because the moment was so heartwarming, the cops and Aleena all shed some tears.

“They always say ‘never forgotten.’ And I totally believe that because every day, they’re all texting me how are you doing. And they step in with things that my dad did. And they’re amazing. I love each and every one of them,” Aleena said.

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