A groom pulled a stunt at the wedding that made everyone in attendance burst into laughter – except for the most important person at the event – the bride. The groom forced the bride’s face into the wedding cake, completely destroying the cake and ruining any chances at having a happy marriage. The bride left the wedding a total wreck and then decided that it was best to do something that she never thought she would do – file for divorce from the man she had just married.

Now, the bride is seeking help from Slate’s relationship columnist, Dear Prudence. In a letter written to the platform, the bride said the following:

“I got married just before Christmas and am hoping to be divorced or annulled by the end of January. Obviously, that wasn’t the plan originally, but … I never cared about getting married, but I wasn’t opposed to it. So when my boyfriend proposed in 2020, we decided to go for it. We each took on about half the responsibility for organizing the wedding, but I think I was pretty reasonable about compromise when he really wanted something. My only hard-and-fast rule was that he would not rub cake in my face at the reception.

“Being a reasonable man who knows me well, he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my head down into it. It was planned since the cake was DESTROYED, and he had a bunch of cupcakes as a backup.

“I left. The next day I told him we were done. I am standing by that. The thing is that over the holidays, EVERYONE has gotten together to tell me I should give him a second chance. That I am overreacting because of my issues (I am VERY claustrophobic after a car accident years ago, and I absolutely panicked at being shoved into a cake and held there). That I love him (even though right now I don’t feel that at all), he loves me, and that means not giving up at the first hurdle. I don’t want to, but everyone is so united and confident in their assurance I am making a terrible mistake that I wonder if they are right.”

Obviously, this is a very complicated issue. However, it is important for the bride to feel like her husband respects her and wants to treat her like an honorable person. That’s why the columnist replied with the following answer:

“Everyone’s sure you’re making a mistake, but they’re not the ones who have to wake up every day with a man whose behavior massively turns them off. You are. So you only have to listen to yourself. I think what he did was a red flag about not respecting you and your wishes—to say nothing of the physical aggression—but even if it wasn’t, the fact that you really didn’t like it is enough. Make a mental note about which of your loved ones don’t seem to value your happiness, and continue with your divorce.”

What do you think about this bride’s predicament? Should she get a divorce or try for a happy marriage?

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