Colin Kaepernick Wants To Get Back In The NFL, But One Team Is Calling It A “Sham” : AWM

Colin Kaepernick Wants To Get Back In The NFL, But One Team Is Calling It A “Sham”

Over the weekend, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being reconsidered for work. After years of free agency following his pre-game protests, NFL teams are finally ready to look at hiring the former San Francisco 49er again. That’s why the NFL arranged a workout for Colin that will allow thirty-two teams to watch him perform and show off his talents as a quarterback so they can snatch him up for their rosters if they so desire.

According to a report on ESPN, “NFL clubs were informed Tuesday that a private workout would be held for free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Saturday in Atlanta.”

The information was provided in a memo from the NFL that ESPN received a copy of. The memo stated the following:

“Earlier this year, we discussed some possible steps with his representatives, and they recently emphasized his level of preparation and that he is ready to work out for clubs and be interviewed by them. We have therefore arranged this opportunity for him to work out, and for all clubs to have the opportunity to evaluate his current readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career.”

Although Kaepernick has been a source of controversy in the NFL ever since he took a knee during the playing of the national anthem, the NFL is trying to give him another shot at a football career. Kaepernick has jumped at the opportunity to get back into the game. He released a statement saying that he is eager to play again after years of unemployment.

“I’m just getting word from my representatives that the NFL league office reached out to them about a workout in Atlanta on Saturday. I’ve been in shape and ready for this for three years. (I) can’t wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday.”

Because Kaepernick was unemployed for reasons that some said were political rather than practical, he has never lost his edge when it comes to being able to play. That’s why he’s willing and able to show off his abilities at the workout on Saturday, which a lot of people are eager to see.

According to Michael Silver, the NFL workout arrangement caught Kaepernick’s’ team off-guard.

“Not only was Kaepernick caught off guard by Tuesday’s league-initiated push for the workout, but so were most (or perhaps all) team executives. Kaepernick was given two hours to accept or reject the league’s offer, and the date and place were non-negotiable.”

Although the NFL memo made it seem like they were doing Kaepernick a favor, they were really lighting a fire under him.

Silver added, “Because it’s Saturday, most teams will likely send pro scouts or other talent evaluators without decision-making power. That said, expect most teams to have at least one representative at the workout, if only because no organization wants to be singled out as non-compliant.”

Kaepernick wakes every morning a 4:30 am and workouts out five days per week. He’s ready to get back on the field.

What do you think about the NFL giving Kaepernick a second chance to play?

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