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Critics Slam Mom For “Unschooling” Her Four Kids And Not Enforcing Rules

Not everyone likes to follow the same path. Some people believe that the road less traveled is the one that is best for them. But one mother has been accused of taking things much too far by allowing her children to skip school in the act of defiance mom refers to as their “unschooling.” Although critics have slammed the mother of four as being “neglectful” toward her brood – allowing them to eat all the junk food they want and to choose what they want to learn – she believes that her style of parenting is only making them better and stronger individuals.

Dayna Martin does not force her children to go to school. She does not choose their bedtimes for them. Instead, the 46-year-old mother of four allows her children to run amok and do whatever pleases them in the name of self-education. Because the New Hampshire believes that her unconventional tactics are teaching her children important life skills that will eventually shape them into successful entrepreneurs and independent thinkers, she defends her “bohemian” parenting style to the death.

Martin believed that the public school system was too “controlling” on her children’s minds and now advocates for her brood’s “unschooling.” Because she wants children to follow their passions and learn what they want to learn, she lets them do whatever they like at all times.

Martin’s children include Devin, 20; Tiffany, 18; Ivy, 14; and Orion, 11. Her children get to wake up when they want to wake up and fill their days with whatever activities thrill them. Martin also allows her children to pick what they want to eat for all meals, not forcing anything particular onto them. She wants them to learn the consequences of an unhealthy diet. Despite the independence, she’s given to her children, her two adult children still live with her and rely on their mother for their survival. It is unclear if they’ll ever get from out of her home.

“If they misbehave, I just ask them, ‘What can I do to help?’ It makes them think. My children have never been to school, and don’t do any formal schoolwork or any exams. And that is completely their choice. They also don’t have a set bedtime, and there are no limits on their technology use or what food they eat.”

Although Martin believes that her bohemian style of parenting is “enlightened,” critics think she’s just lazy and “neglectful.”

Nevertheless, she’s willing to defend her lifestyle to the death.

“People think my approach may be hands-off or even neglectful. I’ve even been told my children won’t do anything in life. But none of that is the case. My philosophy isn’t anti-school, it’s anti-force. So much parenting advice out there focuses on punishment, compliance, and rules. But I want my children to be free to make their own decisions. Controlling them would lead to them developing warped relationships with the things I’m trying to restrict – and then it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

What do you think about this mom’s unconventional way of raising her kids?

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