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Cyclist Sees Dog Crawling Out Of The Woods 7 Miles From Town And Refuses To Leave Him Behind

While Jarrett Little was taking a bike ride with a group of friends, they were about seven miles outside of town when they decided it was time for a break. While the other people in the group sucked down water and huffed for breath, Jarrett decided to take a quick stroll around the area and into the woods. That’s when he came across something that changed his life forever – and turned him into a viral sensation.

A stray puppy started crawling out of the woods. The dog did not seem to be a threat at all. How could he be? He desperately needed medical attention and seemed to be doing everything within his power to establish contact with humans. Perhaps, he could sense that Jarrett and his group of cyclist friends would do what they could to get the dog the care he needed to survive.

And Jarrett did not fail the animal. He ran up to the dog and saw that the dog was in desperate need of medical attention. The pooch was so skinny that he could see all his ribs jutting out of his body. Not only did the dog look starved, but it was also covered in a road rash. That’s when the realization came to Jarrett in a flash of insight. This dog had been struck by a speeding car. He was clinging to life and needed help. The driver had kept going and left the dog alone to die in the woods outside of the Georgia town.

Before he even rejoined his friends, Jarrett decided that he was not going to let this dog die alone. He would do everything he could to bring the injured animal into town where he could receive proper help from a vet. But it was getting late, and the sun would set before he could ride into town and return with his car.

Jarrett led the dog back to the group of friends. They all offered the pooch food and water, which it took with delight.

But time was running short. The dog looked to be in bad condition, and the sun was going to set soon. That’s when Jarrett had a crazy idea. He’d put the injured dog on his back and peddle him the seven miles into town. His friends thought he was crazy. They thought he wouldn’t be able to do it. But Jarrett had peddled with backpacks on before and knew that he could handle riding with the injured dog.

His friends helped him put the dog on his back. And Jarrett started riding. He peddled for seven miles, carefully holding onto the dog so the pooch wouldn’t fall off and get hurt all over again.

When Jarrett made it into the local bike shop, he happened to run into a woman visiting town from Maine. The dog’s journey took an unexpected turn at that moment, which you can see in the video below.

What do you think about this cyclist’s generous effort to carry the injured dog on his back into town?

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