It goes without saying that brides should have the final say in their wedding. While the groom matters as well, the big day often centers around the bride. In America, women were raised to care about their wedding date and often host play-pretend weddings as children. While this tradition can be labeled as “sexist,” one father took sexism to the extreme when he offered to pay for this daughter’s wedding and even select her wedding “date.”

The young woman turned to Reddit to complain about her overbearing father. As a woman still in graduate school, she will be in her clinical rotation during her wedding in September 2021. Because she received her schedule now, she was happy to see that she will be available to get married on September 18, 2021, the date she wanted.

“So I start my clinical rotations in 2021, and I finally got the schedule and can pick a date—September 18th. I was so excited. My sister told me to go ahead and schedule the venue. I schedule with Venue A, and sure enough, I got the date I wanted.”

Everything looked great, but then dad barged in and ruined it all.

The parents of the bride apparently have a feud with the owner of her preferred venue. And because it has always been their way or the highway, the bride is forced to find another place to host her dream wedding. Because her parents have offered to pay for the entire thing, they’ve decided to cancel with the original venue and find a place that works better for them.

“So [I] go ahead and schedule the venue. I schedule with Venue A, and sure enough, I got the date I wanted. I’m so happy and call up the parents just to find out they have beef with the management at Venue A and that I need to cancel. What? There are maybe three venues in my hometown, and this couldn’t have been communicated earlier? Then without my permission, my dad went ahead to schedule at Venue B.”

Then her dad switched the wedding date of September 11, 2021. Not only does this date not work for the bride due to her clinical rotations, but it also marks the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“He tells me over the phone on September 11th, okay? I don’t think it needs to be explained in great detail that the 20th anniversary of 9/11 will happen on 9/11/2021. Also, my fiancé works on a military base and will be given a hard time about this. Not to mention, he just assumed I was free on that date. I have an end of rotation exam on the 10th and would have to haul [expletive] to the hometown to decorate or whatever.”

Now, the bride feels powerless. Because her parents are paying for her wedding, she can’t complain much. But she doesn’t want to marry on the anniversary of a great American tragedy.

Most people online agree with the bride. They say her parents need to take a step back and listen to her wishes. They suggest the bride to pay for her own wedding.

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