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Dad’s Clever Trick Stops His Kids’ Temper Tantrums Every Single Time

While on vacation with his wife and two children, dad was living it up in Cab San Lucas, Mexico. The water was beautiful. The sun was perfect. The drinks were plentiful. Everything was perfect until his two children started to throw a temper tantrum. The two children, who are often perfect, little angels, turned on a dime to become devils that threatened to ruin the entire luxury vacation for the family unless dad did something different.

The meltdown happened while mom stepped out of the hotel room. Apparently, this was against the rules for the kids Georgia and Genevieve. As the moments without mommy ticked by, the girls grew more and more upset, lavishing their anger and frustration on their father who simply wanted to relax. When one sister burst into screams and cries, the others quickly followed suit until dad could not think straight. It was pure torture, and mom was nowhere in sight.

That meant that unless dad wanted his ears bleeding during the entire Cabo San Lucas vacation, he had to do something immediately. He would not abide shelling out thousands of dollars to take his girls on vacation only to have them in a terrible mood the entire time – while they were in paradise no less.

Dad tried reasoning with the girls. He tried soothing them. He tried reminding them that they were on vacation. Nothing was working. The girls wanted mom back, immediately, and were going to cry at the top of their lungs until they got what they wanted.

Thankfully, dad knew a trick that worked like a charm. In the video, which was originally published in the New York Post, dad stands over his fussy toddlers as they cry and scream about mom’s absence.

Dad relentlessly cuts off the girl’s temper tantrum by insisting that it’s his turn. He keeps saying, “it’s my turn,” again and again until the girls finally look at him and hold back their tears. When dad finally has their attention, he launches into a “boo-hoo” of his own only to quickly let the younger of the two girls take her turn. But that little baby is completely enamored with her father’s trick that she shakes her head and refuses to cry. She eventually makes a sad face, and dad passes the buck to the older daughter. She cries on cue until dad tells her to stop so he can take a turn again.

He waits until the older daughter completely stops crying. But she is tough. She keeps trying to sneak in cries about “mama” and other whimpers. But dad doesn’t let that derail his game. He asks her to stop so he can take his turn again. When she finally quits crying, he then does his loud “boo hoo.” This time he cries about his “mommy,” and it is utterly hilarious. The older daughter looks at him with empathy as if she is thinking, “so, he misses mommy, too.”

In the end, the trick worked. Dad interrupted his daughters’ tantrum and got them back into vacation mode so he can enjoy Cabo San Lucas without two crying toddlers.

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