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Diver Can’t Figure Out What Curious Seal Wants Until He Reaches Out His Hand

No day is a normal day for diver Gary Grayson. He seeks out the best adventures anywhere in the world and fills his days with vibrant, exciting activities that “average” people could only dream about. That’s why this video footage, which features an average moment from his days diving has people talking and talking and talking. It’s just so darn exciting to watch him play with a wild seal in its natural habitat – it’s as if the seal recognizes Gary Grayson as one of its own, a creature of the sea.

Grayson hails from Salford, United Kingdom. Besides diving with the seals, he fills his life with other death-defying activities like motorcycle racing and sky diving. He likes to feel the approach and threat of death and squeeze by it unharmed.

The video shows the 55-year-old diving off the Isles of Scilly when the seal approaches him and “asks” him to do something rather strange. Without a moment of hesitation, Grayson gives the seal the belly rub it wanted.

“This grey seal came across and had five minutes with me, kind of thing. Then another was climbing up my leg,” Grayson told M.E.N. “I’m an experienced diver, but I have never known anything like that… I tend to live life on the edge. But this was certainly up there with anything I have ever done.”

The footage not only brings a smile to people’s faces and warms their hearts, but it also sparked a lot of debate on the internet. On the YouTube video where Grayson’s content first went viral, more than fifteen million views have accumulated on the clip as well as some five hundred comments. That’s a lot of interactions for a wildlife video like this. But when you watch it, you’ll see why so many people are putting this one on repeat – it’s just so darn adorable.

Some of the comments on the clip were rather humorous like the following:

“Everybody is like, ‘Awww so cute!’ but, what you didn’t see; While the seal was rolling around distracting the diver, the seal behind the diver took his wallet. It’s Italy, that’s just the way it goes.”

“Don’t get too comfortable, these bunch killed Bin Laden.”

“So if you live underwater and you can’t have a dog because it would drown, just get a seal, and you’re fine to go.”

Other people gave a warning about diving with seals because they can be unpredictable.

“I’d be very careful.  He doesn’t look like he is very deep.  So if something happened, he can surface quickly.  I’ve had seals that close to me while scuba diving.  I was a tad nervous because just playing around, they can hurt you.  When I told my diving buddy, he told me of a time one hit his head so hard it knocked his reg and mask off.  He was seeing stars for a while.  Keep in mind, this is underwater…”

Take a moment to watch this viral video now.

What do you think about Gary Grayson’s interaction with the seal?

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