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Drug Dealer Thinks She Should Walk Free Because She Scammed All The Addicts

After suspected meth trafficker Candice Allen Bo was caught selling drugs, she admitted to police that she never sold meth at all. Instead, she had scammed addicts by selling them “rock salt” as a way to make quick cash off the desperate people she knew. Because Candice Allen Bo was scamming the addicts by selling them rock salt instead of the actual drug, she made a killing off the “foolish” addicts who never got their hands on the real drugs.

Because Candice Allen Bo was addicted to meth herself, she kept the drug in her possession and used it to fuel her own “happiness.” Although she admitted that she had not sold true drugs to the addicts she knew, she pleaded guilty to drug trafficking between October 2016 and April 2017.

Candice Bo Allen is from Townsville, Queensland, Australia, and made a living and fueled her drug habit by defrauding her meth addict customers by selling them rock salt. Then she was able to abuse the drug herself at their expense.

Because the drug trafficker sold fake drugs to her customers, she says that the law should go easy on her and release her from prison. Because she only sold rock salt and not real meth, she believes that her true charges should be defrauding customers and not drug trafficking.

After getting hit with the drug trafficking conviction, Bo Allen was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. During a court hearing in 2018, she represented herself and told the judge that she never sold meth. The whole time she was trafficking the stuff, she gave her customers rock salt and kept the drugs for herself to fuel her own out-of-control addiction.

Allen is now appealing her conviction in the Queensland Court of Appeal. She wants the hand of justice to go easier on her because she was not selling real drugs but fake ones so she could scam them and keep herself high as a kite.

The reason that Allen pleaded guilty to the drug trafficking charge, she said, was because she felt pressure from the court and did not know if she was going to be able to challenge the charge in court.

Although Allen feels that she should get a lighter sentence than the judge gave her, the general public is not so accommodating of the drug trafficker. Whether she was selling true meth or rock salt to her customers, she was engaged in behavior that was illegal in the eyes of the law.

Daily Mail readers shared their distaste for Allen and what she was doing to make ends meet.

“What a foul, deceitful disgrace of a human being. You’re better off inside love.”

“So supplying people with salt that they could choose to shoot into their veins is not that serious?”

“If they release her from jail, she’ll have to worry about her dissatisfied customers having a word or two with her. The words might be ‘Louisville Slugger.’”

What do you think about the crime for which she was sentenced?

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