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Elderly Woman Facing Eviction From Home Learns The Neighbors Have Been Changing Her Mortgage

When she was just an infant, Alice Smith started having health problems. Doctors examined her and had to break the terrifying news to her parents – Alice was diagnosed with polio. Although the disease has since been eradicated – so long as people get their vaccines – it went on to affect Alice’s life from day one. After a difficult life, Alice has reached her golden years and simply wants to relax while she can.

However, in her sixties, Alice has developed a mental disability in addition to the physical handicap that she received from the polio virus. Because Alice’s parents wanted to provide for her as best they could, they tried to set her up with a living arrangement that would be sustainable. She would never be able to hold down a job, let alone really provide for herself throughout her life. It was a very sad state of affairs for Alice and her family.

As the decades passed, the payments for the house kept coming in. Everything was good, and Alice managed to live a moderately successful life. She was happy. And with the help of caretakers, she got through the daily grind of dealing with her disabilities.

But then taxes increased. They skyrocketed to $8,500, and she was struggling to keep up with the payments. Before long, she fell behind on her house payment and found herself in hot water. At that point, the money-hungry people forced the elderly, disabled woman out of the home she had known all her life. Not only did she have nowhere else to go, but she also was not able to care for herself without help.

FOX News asked Alice, “If somebody told you they wanted you to move, what would you say?”

“Hell no, you go to hell!” she replied.

Although the Smith family fought valiantly against Uncle Sam and tried to pay all the taxes that were demanded the property, they just could not win. At that point, New Jersey decided to strike while they were vulnerable. They submitted the necessary paperwork to evict the elderly woman and get her out of her home forever.

The Smiths tried to get a reverse mortgage, but that would not work. Their home was in such bad shape and needed so many repairs, no one was willing to take on that risk.

Alice’s brother and his grandson worked together to come up with a plan. Without one, Alice would be thrown out on the streets by then-Governor Chris Christie.

The plan was simple. They started a GoFundMe page and asked people to donate to help Alice live out the rest of her years in peace – rather than fighting New Jersey tooth and nail to keep the house she had always known.

Quickly people responded. Before long, the family raised more than $16,000 to help Alice stay in the home for good. It was a massive move that really made a positive difference in one woman’s life – no thanks to the state of New Jersey.

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