During a recent outing at sea, a fisherman battled a fierce critter on the other end of the line for forty minutes only to realize he was fighting against a great white shark. Big John Shark Fishing Adventures captured footage from a recent fishing charter that showed how the great white shark was so close to the boat. Footage shows seven fishermen being led by retired hockey player John McLean Jr. as they pull the shark onto shore by its fin and long tail.

The group of fishermen knows they are not able to haul the great white shark in as a catch. But releasing the massive predator was not easy to do. The fisherman was shown in the video trying to ease the shark out into the shallow water so it could swim back to freedom.

The amazing catch happened near the shores of Portofino Island. The battle to bring in the great white shark took almost forty minutes from start to finish. The crew was able to identify the animal as a great white shark due to the way the shark’s fin and eyes looked.

Although great white sharks are not considered an endangered species, they are classified as vulnerable. This meant that the fishermen had to release the shark back into the water as soon as possible after catching it. Fishermen rarely catch great white sharks, especially in the Florida panhandle.

Great white sharks are the world’s largest predatory fish. These underwater killers usually grow to be about fifteen feet or 4.6 meters long. On occasion, some great white sharks have measured as long as nearly twenty feet.

On Daily Mail, dozens of people shared their thoughts and reactions to the video of the fishermen catching the great white shark. Here are a few:

“I wish the fishermen would have left the shark alone instead of frightening it by catching it and dragging it to Shore. They don’t need this level of fright and stress.”

“Humans treat animals appallingly. More and people are aware of this – hence the rise of vegetarians and vegans. When Mike Tyson (yes, the boxer) and many other elite sportsmen are vegan, it shows that you don’t have to kill anything to live a healthy life.”

“Wondering about its injuries. Was the hook removed? Or cut – waiting for what is left to rust away.”

Some viewers doubted whether it was a great white or not.

“I am not even sure It’s a great white, as the shape of its snout seems too pointed, though possibly just the angle of the picture, and it’s hard to be certain without seeing the entire fish. Anyway, it should definitely be returned to the sea.”

“Great white sharks are protected. They are listed in CITES as vulnerable, one step from the endangered category. It is illegal to catch a great white shark, and when one is hooked, it is supposed to be released as soon as possible.”

What do you think about this footage? What would you do if a great white shark was caught on your fishing line?

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