Since the coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to stay at home, people have been turning to their yards and gardens for entertainment. Contractors are busy installing new decks, and landscapers are busy making sure properties are pristine and cared for. And one third-grade girl named Kyra Sutton has been working very hard to grow cabbage in her yard.

Kyra is a very studious young girl. That’s why she decided to take her agriculture assignment from class at the Acme-Delco Elementary School in Riegelwood, North Carolina, and take it to the next level. Not only was she going to grow the cabbage, but she was also going to grow one that was bigger than all the rest.

The school distributed the cabbage plants to the students so they could all participate in the “Third Grade Cabbage Program” assignment that is a tradition at Acme-Delco Elementary School. And because Kyra managed to get her hands on two cabbage plants, she decided to invest all her attention into them and make sure they grew as big as possible.

Kyra knew that the perfect place for the cabbage plants to go was her great-grandparents’ garden. But when the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close, Kyra found herself alone with her family – and her cabbage plants. Instead of letting the school project flounder, she redoubled her efforts and did as much work as possible to make the cabbages grow big and strong.

With plenty of sun, water, and love, Kyra’s cabbages flourished. After just a few weeks of care, the cabbages proved to be more than healthy. And as summer quickly approached, Kyra watched in delight as her cabbages grew bigger and bigger and bigger – until every member of her family was stunned by their size.

Now her cabbages are as big as beach balls and weigh dozens of pounds.

Her mother, Angie Young-Sutton, congratulated her daughter on her success with the cabbages.

“She did really good with it, she watered it, and she made sure she took care of it.”

Throughout the process, Kyra leaned on her family to support her. With four generations of family members lending their help at different stages of the process, the cabbage growing was not only fun; it was a family affair.

Kyra adds, “I’m really proud of the cabbage and how I grew it. I didn’t let the coronavirus stop me.”

Although COVID-19 closed Kyra’s school, she refused to let the virus take away her passion for gardening. Not only does she have a green thumb, but she was also able to get the entire family out of the house for healthy activity. Talk about great use of her time while home during the quarantine.

More people are hitting their gardens and doing yardwork than ever before because they have time at home during the pandemic. Since people are looking at their yards and other parts of their property a lot more than they usually would, they are doing more renovations and remodels to make it their own.

What do you think about this third-grader’s cabbage?

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