Kardashian fans are terrified that Khloe Kardashian might have lost too much weight too fast. In recent photos of the reality star at a family beach vacation, Khloe was pictured running around with the children. Although the busy mom appeared to be having a lot of fun in the sand, fans were horrified to see how thin her legs were in the photos as they expressed worry that Khloe might be too thin for her frame after shedding some pounds in recent months.

In the now-viral photos, Khloe is keeping up with her daughter, True, as the pair run around on the beach, going in and out of the water. The Kardashians are spending time at Malibu Beach in Southern California.

The photos captured at Malibu Beach showcase Khloe in a moment of motherhood. She is depicted in a black tank top and black yoga pants. Although it does not appear to be that sunny on the day of their beach trip, Khloe is wearing sunglasses in an effort to keep her identity somewhat anonymous. Nevertheless, some photographers noticed that Khloe was at the beach with her daughter True and snapped pictures of them playing in the sand.

Fans of the Kardashians were worried about the photos. They fear that the images show that Khloe is losing too much weight too fast. These people have turned to social media to share their concerns about Khloe’s weight loss, as her legs look very thin in the images from the family beach trip in Malibu.

On a Reddit forum dedicated to fans of the Kardashians, people shared their worries in very clear terms.

One fan wrote: “Yeah, these are the first pics that have actually made me think she has a serious problem. We’re witnessing her wasting away.”

Another fan wrote: “Her knees are tough to see. I find these pictures incredibly sad, honestly.”

“Omg, this made me gasp out loud. She looks extremely unwell, wow. Her body is TINY, her hip bones, her forearms, thighs, etc….just looks like she’s gone way too far,” another Kardashian fan wrote on Reddit.

Another simply added: “I hope she finds her happiness. Watching her over the years has been heartbreaking.”

In addition to her recent outing at the beach, Khloe also made headlines after modeling her company’s new High Shine Compression Pink Catsuit. The website describes the outfit as being “made from a smooth high shine compression fabric that sculpts, smooths and defines your curves.”

The outfit promises to make people look slimmer while still being comfortable.

“This is the curve-hugging, shape-enhancing, confidence-boosting essential for your wardrobe,” the site promises. “The most versatile, comfortable, and sexy compression wear you’ll ever wear!”

However, Khloe looked far too thin while modeling the garment. But she didn’t seem to notice.

“I love the seam on the small part of your waist because it really does cinch you. And it’s all compression, so it feels really good. Plus, it’s a little shiny.”

Do you think Khloe Kardashian is getting too thin?