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Father Of Six Is Tragically Killed By A Wave In The Ocean

When a strong father of six was spending time at the beach in North Carolina, he never would have thought it would be the end of his life. But when the man was struck by a wave, he was killed. The powerful wave had so much force that it knocked the virile father of six to the sand and snapped his neck. The man’s wife revealed to the world via Twitter.

Lee Dingle was 37-years-old when the wave killed him. He was at the beach on Oak Island with three of his kids when the wave came in from the ocean and ended his life. The wave was so strong that it knocked him down and broke his neck. Dingle’s throat swelled so much that he was deprived of oxygen to his brain. Because his brain was at a loss of oxygen for so long, he was never able to recover from the freak accident on the beach.

The following day, Dingle died despite the best efforts of those around him, including his three children. That’s what sparked Dingle’s wife to share the horror story about her husband’s death with the public on Twitter.

Her name was Shannon Hope Dingle, and she wanted the world to know that the love of her life had perished.

“My partner, my love, and my home died today after a freak accident,” she wrote on the social media platform. “We met when I was 18, and he was 19. We’ve been together ever since. I wasn’t supposed to be saying goodbye at 37. I don’t know how to be a grown-up without him, but I’ll learn. I just wish I didn’t have to.”

Shannon’s revealing and heartbreaking post sparked a lot of attention on the internet. As a result, the Oak Island Water Rescue had to come forward to talk about the incident as well.

On Facebook, the group claimed that they provided emergency care to Dingle only minutes after the accident, but there was still nothing they could do to stop him from dying.

Dingle worked as the president of Atlas Engineering in Raleigh, North Carolina. His company specializes in repairing damage to buildings and solving structural problems. Just two weeks before his death, Atlas Engineering senior partner Tom Caldwell said Dingle was promoted to president.

After his death, Caldwell said Dingle had a “big heart” and that he and his wife were raising six children together including four they adopted.

“Lee was calm, friendly, humble, and very, very capable. He always put others ahead of himself,” Senior partner Caldwell said of Dingle. “His kind do not come along often. We will miss him terribly.”

Chief Engineer and executive vice president Chris Coutu also had kind words to say about Dingle and expressed sorrow over his death.

“He was a dream employee and coworker, a good friend, a loving, dedicated father, and a wonderfully kind person,” Coutu said. “He was brave, calm, and reassuring. He was somebody one would want around when conditions were dangerous or chaotic. He will be greatly missed.”

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