Katie Price skyrocketed to fame as one of the world’s most popular glamor models. During her heyday, the 43-year-old mom appeared in many famous campaigns for different products and brands. Now, Price spends her time relaxing but continues to work on her body every day. Now on a trip to Thailand with fiancé Carl Woods, Price was seen showing off the results of her thirteenth breast enlargement surgery – and her ample assets were barely able to be contained by her skimpy bikini top.

While lounging in the pool in Thailand, Price showed off her large breasts in her small black-and-white striped bikini with a matching bottom. Because she was showing off so much skin, her tattoos were clearly visible, of which she has several. Her latest tattoo is reportedly a flower design on her forearm.

Price seemed eager to get her tan on as she appeared at the resort pool without any makeup. She also had her dyed-blonde hair tied back to help more sunlight reach her shoulders and back. She traveled to Thailand with her fiancée Carl, who also appeared in photos by the pool. Carl was captured on film without his shirt on, which allowed him to display his tattoos as well.

According to insider reporters, Price underwent plastic surgery in December. During her visit with the surgeon, she had her thirteenth boob job and also did some full-body liposuction as well as fat removal from her butt. In the weeks since the surgery, she was in recovery but is now ready to go out in public and show off her updated body.

Reports also indicate that she traveled to Belgium in January for a quick eye and brow lift.

Although Price seems very excited about her latest cosmetic procedures, her family is “horrified, according to a report published in The Mirror. Family members are also disappointed that the surgeons agreed to do this latest work on her after she has gotten so much work done over the last few years.

A source said: “It’s getting really silly now and more than a little irresponsible. Everyone’s quite horrified, to be honest.”

During a chat with The Sunday Times, Price’s mother expressed her fear that her model daughter has body dysmorphia, saying: “She doesn’t tell me now because she knows I’ll go ballistic. Maybe she does it because she doesn’t feel she’s attractive enough, or maybe it’s body dysmorphia. Part of the problem is she gets her surgeries free, so someone is always capitalizing on her name.”

Price first went under the knife when she was eighteen, getting a breast augmentation that took her from a B cup to a C cup. She also did some liposuction at the time. In the years since Price’s first surgery, she has had five children, which can really do a lot to a woman’s body. As a result, she has pursued numerous other procedures to keep her body looking how she wants it to look.