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Her Best Friend Was Killed By A Car, And This Puppy’s Reaction Broke My Heart

A dead puppy is a sight to cry over. And that’s exactly what happened when a little puppy was hit by a car and killed. However, the one crying over the sad death was not the owner but another stray dog who had established a friendship with it. That’s why video footage caught at the scene of the tragic accident shows the stray white pup crying over the death of the other animal in a heartbreaking scene for the ages.

A man from Suining City in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province happened to be nearby when he saw the animal get hit by a car, and the driver flees the scene. While the man was on his way to work, he stopped to film the crying dog as it mourned over the loss of its best friend, who was killed in the car crash.

The white puppy cries bitterly as the lifeless body of its best friend lies on the ground. The poor dog gasps for breath and cries out, appealing to the man behind the camera who simply uses the dog to capture the viral moment.

Around the world, the video footage has been viewed millions of times. Daily Mail reported that thousands of people had shared their communal grief at watching the animal suffer over the loss of its adoring friend.

The man who was on his way to work, Xiong, tried to help the white puppy, but the animal refused to leave the side of its dead friend. The puppy kept still by the side of the dead animal, trying to call it back to life or find someone who would be able to provide that function. Unfortunately, no doctors or priest the world over has the power to raise such a critter from the dead.

“One was already dead, and the other was weak and dying,” said Xiong, “Its cries sounded really devastated.”

While one dog is dead, the crying one is injured. Because Xiong had no hope for the dead dog, he picked up the living one and decided to seek some help for it.

“I wrapped it in a piece of clothing and took it back.”

Not being able to be late to work, Xiong took the crying dog to his workplace. Once he was there, coworkers pitched in to help with the dog. They offered it some food and soothing attention, which is desperately needed to help work through the loss of its best friend.

Eventually, Xiong brought the dog to a rescue shelter where it will hopefully get the care it needs to recover and find a loving home to adopt it. Xiong was not able to do that for the pooch, but he hopes someone will.

Xiong said, “I hope some kind-hearted person will adopt it.”

While Xiong was unable to give the dog a home, he did everything in his power to help it get the care it needed. Hopefully, it will be enough and the dog can find hope in the near future.

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