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Here Are All The Photos That Prove Dog Owners Look Just Like Their Pets

For years, people have made a joke about how people often adopt dogs that look a lot like them. However, the following series of images will show you that across the pond in Britain, dog owners proved to the world that they don’t just look like their pooches, their dogs are true “Dog-pelgangers,” as was reported in the Daily Mail this week.

The images that we have gathered for you show these dog owners and their pooches sporting similar hairstyles and poses. The images were taken as part of a competition to see which dog owner looked the most like his or her dog. The resulting images were far more entertaining than anyone would have surmised.

Hundreds of people entered the contest to be among the United Kingdom’s best dog owner and dog lookalikes. People from around the country took revealing pictures of themselves alongside their canine friends to prove that they share a similar sense of style to Rover.

Because the competition was held in good fun, people shared fun images of themselves and their dogs. Many people have gone to great lengths to look just like their loyal four-legged friends. They’ve dyed their hair color to match and even grown out beards to make it happen for them. Not only did these dog owners make it clear that they’re willing to do almost everything to look just like their beloved pet, but they also went all out to win the contest and be featured in public.

The amusing contest is run by Canine Cottages, a company that produces dog-friendly cottages. For people to enter the contest, they had to share images via social media, which meant that the entire world could watch these people fight each other for the title of looking most like their pet.

Regardless of how many likes and shares the images get, a panel of dog lovers narrowed down the field to 50 contestants. Each of these people now has a chance to win about $600 toward a holiday vacation with the doggie cottage company.

Canine Cottages is now urging the public to vote for their favorite photo. The images are all taken with good humor and show the dogs and their owners hanging out much as they do on average days.

The images sparked so much interest among viewers, especially after the pictures were shared to the Daily Mail website, that dozens of people added comments.

“I just love dogs,” one fan wrote.

“I’m going to run right out and get myself a young and beautiful, blonde Afghan Hound. I’m tired of being mistaken for my scruffy, 14-year-old Cairn Terrier.”


“Love the little boy with his dog who has the same color hair. And Granddad and his Terrier. They are all great!”

“You can’t dye your hair to match your dog. That (isn’t) working. The boy with the Cocker Spaniel looks great same color hair.”

What do you think about the dog owners and the pooches in this photo contest? Who would you vote for? Do you have a favorite picture?

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