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He’s Escaped From Prison Multiple Times. Today, The State Is Moving Him To Maximum Security

Unfortunately, some states don’t keep their prison doors locked as tightly as others. In Arkansas, a convicted murderer busted out of a prison run by the Arkansas Department of Corrections for the second time. Yes, 49-year-old convicted murderer Calvin Adam is a serial escapee from East Arkansas Regional Unit located in the community of Brickeys, which is about 110 miles from Little Rock.

Adams was confirmed missing after guards searched the cells of all 1,650 inmates at the East Arkansas facility. Marking the second time Adams has escaped said prison, he has proven that the guards on duty are simply not up to the task to keep the most dangerous criminals safely behind bars. And Little Rock is not too far away, which means that Adams might have been trying to hitch a ride into the big city.

Fortunately, Adams was located on Tuesday before he had the opportunity to commit any more crimes – or murders. He did not get very far this time. He was found hiding on the roof the prison, where he was thought to have been for about twenty-four hours after he went missing early on Monday.

Authorities admitted that Adams climbed onto the roof. He was able to do this rather easily and evade the guards for an entire day. But when he got to the roof, he had nowhere else to go, which meant he had to stay there until he was found. But it took the guards at the Arkansas prison an entire day before they got the idea to search on the roof for the missing murderer.

Although this is the second time Adams has escaped, the warden of the prison has just learned the lesson. Now Adams will be relocated to the maximum-security wing of the prison where he will have to work a little bit harder to get out.

Adams is serving life without parole following his murder conviction.

Prison spokeswoman Dina Tyler confirmed that Adams escaped previously in 2009.

During this incident, guards lost sight of Adams after he was seen on surveillance footage hanging out in the boiler room at 12:15 am on Monday. Guards were clueless that he was missing until they went to go check on him at 4 am. By that time, Adams was long gone, and guards had to admit that they’d lost Adams for a second time.

At the time of his escape from the Arkansas prison facility, he was housed in a medium-security area with about 50 other inmates.

When Tyler wrote the correspondence about Adams’s escape, she admitted that the guards had no clue whether the convicted murderer was still on prison grounds or if he was on the outside.

“We are going from two fronts… one that he’s laid down somewhere on the grounds and one that says he got out and is running,” Tyler wrote in the email.

When Adams escaped in 2009, he and Jeffrey Grinder, another inmate in for life for capital murder, walked out of the Cummins Unit in guard uniforms and drove away. They were arrested in New York state four days later.

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