His Baby Was Locked In A Hot Car. Moments Later, Dad Notices An Inmate Charging The Scene : AWM

His Baby Was Locked In A Hot Car. Moments Later, Dad Notices An Inmate Charging The Scene

When a father locked his baby in an SUV in Port Richey, Florida, he began to grow frantic. He wanted to save his baby and was eager to get into it. But he couldn’t break the window, so he called the police. As it turned out, it was all just an accident. His wife told the media that he strapped the baby into the car seat and then accidentally locked the keys in the Chevy Tahoe.

Dad was at the brink of tears when the deputies arrived at the scene. But it was an unlikely Good Samaritan who came to the rescue to save the life of the baby locked inside the hot car. The baby was just one-year-old and was completely helpless and vulnerable.

As it turned out, the Good Samaritans were a group of Florida inmates cleaning up the highway nearby. They were busy but were eager to help the one-year-old baby stuck in the car.

One man then showed the police officers and the dad how it was done. He took a clothes hanger and then turned it into a device to unlock the door. Because he was skilled at breaking into cars, he taught everyone how to do it, including the sheriff’s deputies.

Sheriff Chris Nocco was impressed by the inmates. He was happy to give the inmates a chance to use the skills they developed as criminals to save the life of a baby dying of heat locked in the Chevy Tahoe in the Florida heat.

“They know they made bad mistakes, bad choices but they want to do the right thing in life.”

Because the inmate was able to use the clothes hanger, he saved the life of the baby. While the sheriff’s deputies and the father looked on in awe, the convicted criminal proved that he has a heart of gold and deserves a second chance when he serves his time.

When the mother of the baby learned that the Florida inmate saved its life, she was overjoyed. She felt grateful that the man was able to use his carjacking skills to open the door and remove the baby. She also hopes to do a little something extra for those inmates. She has been asking the Sheriff’s office to give her the names of the unlikely heroes because she wants to give them a little influx of cash in their commissary accounts for helping save her baby.

Because the inmate was able to help the baby so quickly, the child was not hurt. The baby hardly even noticed that it was locked in the car by itself although the heat was mounting.

Although someone might have made a mistake in the past, it does not mean they are bad people. Incidents like this prove that people deserve a second chance and the benefit of the doubt. When given an opportunity to prove where their heart really is, people often rise to the occasion, just as this inmate in Florida did when he knew a baby was in danger.

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