A couple from Maine have created a treasure hunt for you. They’ve traveled the Pine Tree State and have hidden $20,000 somewhere. Now, Kurt and Kelly Stokes are selling clues to help you find the hidden treasure. The couple from Newcastle, Maine, spent three years working on their treasure hunt. Now, you can purchase a deck of cards for $19.99 or a special edition with electronic flashcards for $39.99 – these both include clues to help you track down the hidden treasure and take a small fortune home with you at the end.

The treasure hunt requires you to travel across Maine looking for seven hidden Dirigo stones. The treasure hunt is known as Dirigo Treasures LLC and is expected to be quite popular – especially since the grand prize is a whopping $20,000. “Dirigo” is the state motto and translates from Latin to English to mean “I lead.”

The treasure hunt was three years in the making. The couple spent that time traveling and photographing their state. They used this information to create the elaborate treasure hunt.

“We created the game to celebrate Maine’s 200 years of statehood,” Kurt Stokes told the Lincoln Country News. “What better way to celebrate Maine than to get people out of the house, out of their town, and exploring parts of the state they never knew existed?”

The couple did not make it easy for people to find their hidden Dirigo secrets. These puzzles will require you to solve riddles and other challenges before you will be led to the hidden stone.

Unfortunately, it might be too late to participate. The cards went on sale on April 7 and appeared to have already sold out. Unless Dirigo Treasures LLC plans to print more card decks so more people can participate, the treasure hunt may be limited to those who have already purchased their entry.

The couple claims that their treasure hunt will not only be fun for participants but that it is completely legal, ethical, and environmentally sustainable. That is a boon for a state like Maine that is known for its natural beauty and gorgeous scenery.

“We abided by the principles of leaving no trace,” Kurt Stokes said.

On Facebook, Kelly wrote about how she and her husband worked to create this game for people over the last few years. She believes that it will be “great for family outings or you may wish to become highly competitive” to win the grand cash prize.

Daily Mail promoted this treasure hunt and was met with a positive response from readers. Here are a few thoughts from those interested in the puzzle.

“Well, how cute and clever are these two? Fun!!”

“Interesting…. have fun too, those that play. And watch out for deer ticks. Seriously, they’re no joke.”

“This is actually pretty cool.”

Clearly, this was a great idea because people love puzzles like this. Maine may even get a few more visitors this spring and summer if the puzzle challenge continues to be popular – or if it remains unsolved for several weeks.

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