It Was An Ordinary Day Playing In The Yard. After A Chance Encounter, He Is Brain Damaged For Life : AWM

It Was An Ordinary Day Playing In The Yard. After A Chance Encounter, He Is Brain Damaged For Life

A mother was left devastated after her son suffered permanent brain damage when he was bitten by a tick. Amy Mitchell’s son, Adam, was an active boy just last year until he got a tick bite and developed Lyme disease. Things made a turn for the worse, however, as Adam now suffers from memory loss, forgetting simple things, and gets exhausted very quickly.

Amy says that following the tick bite and Lyme disease Adam suffered, that he is now “a totally different little boy. He’s suffered from memory loss, processing issues and word muddling.”

Amy explained how his health had taken a dramatic turn: “He suddenly started suffering terrible tantrums. He regressed back to a toddler and was having rages on the floor, shouting, screaming and kicking. It was really unlike him.”

“We initially wondered if he was being bullied at school. But the school confirmed he wasn’t. They too had noticed he was suffering and were concerned,” she added.

Amy also described his depression-like symptoms and said he had become withdrawn. Physically, Adam became lethargic and had no appetite, as his mother noted: “Adam would come home from school, crawl onto the sofa and not move. He would just lie there, totally exhausted.”

“This was a little boy who’d previously had loads of energy and would eat anything you put in front of him, but he had no appetite and no energy,” she added.

When she took him to the doctor, she explained that his “temperature had risen… he was flushed, sweating, the glands on his neck resembled a bunch of grapes and he had a rash on the left side of his head.”

She described him as “so weak all he could say was, ‘Mummy please take me home so I can go to bed.’” They were told his condition was viral and when he got worse, Amy returned to the doctor, who suggested they monitor him.

By the end of May, the school called with bad news, which Amy noted: “We rushed in and saw the left side of his face was paralyzed. He was totally miserable. We took him home and he just came in and hid under his blanket.”

Amy and Adam’s dad took him to the hospital, where he was admitted and diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, partial facial paralysis that can be caused by an infection. He was discharged and returned home but was readmitted a week later with full facial paralysis.

Amy noted: “He was unable to swallow or blink, had a numb mouth, couldn’t walk because he was exhausted and needed full care. His dad, David, and I had to carry him everywhere.”

She said he also “had bacterial meningitis caused by Lyme disease” which was treated, noting, “He was an inpatient in hospital for one week and was given three weeks of intravenous antibiotics which we travelled in daily for.”

While Adam saw improvements in his face and energy levels, and he returned to school, he still suffers exhaustion and “the illness has left him brain damaged,” Amy said, adding, “He is back and forth to hospital and is still under investigation, so there is hope for the future.”

She urges parents to look for ticks on their children, remove it, and look for symptoms.

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