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Kourtney Decided To Get A Butt Lift In Public To “Make A Stand For Women”

A bikini model from Hollywood hopes to leave her mark on the industry. While at a glamorous event in Beverly Hills, California, 33-year-old Kourtney Reppert went under the needle in front of 200 guests to show them exactly what happens during a $9,800 butt lift. The Los Angeles resident decided it was high time she underwent the cosmetic procedure in public so she could both exhibit her post-pregnancy body and “make a stand for women.”

Reppert is a mother of one and most famous for her modeling bikinis. She underwent the Sculptra Butt Lift procedure at the event, which was underdone by the staff of the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. Because she was willing to undergo the procedure in front of a crowd, while still paying top-dollar for the surgery, she was placed behind a glass sheet and bared her rear for all to see. Spectators gawked at the freak show — those in attendance including Superman actor Dean Cain and reality television star Teresa Guidice. While Reppert had her butt lift done, the party guests drank and socialized outside.

Reppert, who has more than 1.5 million followers on social media, believed that by undergoing the non-surgical butt lift, she was advocating for women. During a post online, she said that she believed the procedure would bring back the collagen she had lost over the years.

According to Daily Mail, she said: “It’s going to look just perfect for a beach photoshoot or whatever.”

While Reppert was embarrassed at the idea of exposing herself to the crowd of Beverly Hills celebrities, she eventually got it and enjoyed the bizarre situation.

“I feel that after having a child, it’s hard enough for women to have these body issues and these expectations in society to be perfect. But then when we try to attain that we get attacked or people say, ‘Do it the natural way’ or whatever. And sometimes you just can’t do it the natural way. You need a little bit of an extra hand.”

While the circumstances of Kourtney Reppert’s butt lift were certainly bizarre, she was doing it as a way to show other women that she needs a butt lift to stay in bikini shape. Despite all the workouts and dieting, even she needs the extra lift to stay popular on social media.

Reppert lost about 99 pounds following the birth of her son five years ago. She had considered the butt lift for years and decided that this was finally the time to do it.

While Reppert does not shy away from cosmetic procedures, she said that eating right and exercising are by far the most important things to do to look good. Because the Sculptra Butt Lift has given her a plumper behind, she believes that she’ll be able to get more modeling jobs and photoshoot opportunities. Plus, the procedure has helped her achieve the body shape she’s always wanted.

The procedure stimulates collagen growth by using micro-invasive injections beneath the skin.

By doing the procedure in public, Kourtney Reppert proves that even women like her need an extra lift every once in a while.

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