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Man Gets Ready To Take His First Selfie, Then Gets The Best Photobomb Ever

While out on his boat, a man’s life would change forever. Although he never expected things to take a surprising turn like they did while he was out on the water, he knew that he had a passion for sailing his boat and was eager to get out and spend time on the waves. But as he was out on his boat, something caught the man’s eye, and it only got closer and closer – until the creature revealed itself and splashed out of the water and boarded the man’s boat.

Because the creature exhibited so much courage, it boarded the boat at the perfect moment – exactly when the man was ready with his camera. The man had never realized that a simple selfie would go on to change the course of his life and create a memory that would earn him his fifteen minutes of fame and forever ingrain itself on his identity until the day he breathed his last breath.

While the man was simply out on the water enjoying his day, the peaceful time turned into a delightful surprise when the sea lion jumped out of the water and boarded his boat. The video below, which shows you exactly how much fun sea lions like to have, is a delight to watch, whether you’re at home, in the office, or at work.

As the man describes, “Here’s my new friend.” And the sea lion proved to be exactly that, spending some time with the man during his fun day out on the water.

The sea lion’s playfulness did not just brighten the man’s day, it turned out to become a memory that he would cherish forever. He will never forget the day the sea lion came out of nowhere and jumped out of the water and onto his small boat.

The video eventually made its way onto America’s Funniest Home Videos, where 3.2 million people watched it on YouTube. Even more, people saw it on various other video platforms.

People shared a number of comments on the video. Many of them are original and great commentaries on what happened in the clip.

“That’s the Seal of Approval!”

“It acts like an underwater dog.”

“That’s adorable. Animals never cease to amaze.”

“He was just looking for a kiss from a rose.”

“What a lovely experience that must have been.”

“That’s a cute new friend! I hope you gave the little sea dog some fresh fish.”

While many people assumed it was a seal, some viewers made the suggestion that it was not a seal at all, but a sea lion.

One person offered a correction. “Actually, it’s a sea lion. Very cute!”

Another person concurred. “That’s actually a sea lion. The way you tell the difference is that sea lions have ear flaps and seals don’t.”

This video is one you certainly are going to enjoy watching. Take a few moments to check it out now because it’ll bring a moment of joy to your life.

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