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Man Hasn’t Aged Since He Was Hit With A Rock 28 Years Ago

If you look at this face, you’d think you’re looking into the eyes of a child. However, this person is actually 34-years-old and is trapped in the body of a six-year-old child because of brain injuries. Farmer Zhu Shengkai lives in the Hubei province of China. He stopped growing when he was struck in the head with a rock at the age of six.

Besides holding down a job as a farmer, Shengkai also works as a hairdresser. He has come forward to speak about his unique situation, which makes it hard for him to attract a wife. Because China has far more men than women, women have the pick of the litter and refuse to give Shengkai a chance due to his growth defect.

“I am still like a child,” he said. “Therefore, I cannot have a wife or child. I cannot grow old.”

While he may look like a child, Shengkai is a successful man. But his body still has the functions of a child. Take what you will from that information.

During an interview with Chinese media, Shengkai told his sensational story from the village near the city of Wuhan.

“Although I am thirty-four-years-old, my body functions are still immature, like those of a child.”

Because he has a child-like voice and a youthful look, people mistake him for a child all the time. However, he has the life-experience of a man in his thirties. But that’s not enough to get people to understand his situation.

Shengkai said that he was struck in the head with a rock while playing a game when he was six. That injury left him with a brain injury that doctors said disrupted his pituitary gland. The gland release hormones that control growth in the body, and for Shengkai, this did not happen normally.

Because Shengkai did not have access to health care services when he was a child, he never got treated for the problem. That’s how it has inhibited his life ever since.

Following the accident as a child, there was no blood, so no one thought it was serious. However, he did get a fever that same night, and his condition did not get better over the following three days. His parents then took him to a clinic where doctors found he had a blood clot in his brain. Surgeons removed the lump. His parents thought he was cured.

Over the next three years, Shengkai lived a carefree life like all the other children. But when he was nine, it was discovered he had not grown any taller. His body has also not changed at all in that time.

That’s when he went to more advanced hospitals only to discover that his pituitary gland was damaged. He took prescribed medicine for years, but nothing happened. He never went through puberty. This makes it impossible for him to have a family of his own. But he remains optimistic.

“I see the others (of my age) all have wrinkles on their faces, but my face is still tender and wrinkle-free. It will also be good if I can look like this when I am old.”

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