McDonald’s has been in business for years for several reasons. But if they served bad-tasting food, they would not have been able to survive for as many decades as they have. Although it goes without saying that McDonald’s food is poor for people’s health, people expect the food to taste good and be fast to get every time they visit one of the restaurant’s many chain locations across the globe.

However, a TikTok video captured a disturbing incident at a McDonald’s location that was shared with the whole wide world on June 13, 2020 – and has gone on to terrify people away from the fast-food restaurant until McDonald’s does something.

In the clip, the TikTok user, Rebekah Kushnier, displays the “delicious-looking” muffin she purchased from McDonald’s. But as she tries to take a bite from the muffin, she proves that she simply cannot bite it. With a muffin that hard, Rebekah questioned McDonald’s decision to even sell such a piece of crap.

“McDonald’s must be playing a prank on me,” Rebekah captioned her video.

People quickly pointed out how poor the quality of food in McDonald’s is. And they started to wonder if perhaps McDonald’s was trying to “poison” the TikTok user with their muffin.

“Looks like they accidentally put cement in it instead of flour,” one person joked.

“That’s a weapon at this point,” another user said.

“That’s not a muffin that’s a rock,” a third person added.

While you would want to believe that muffins like this are few and far between, McDonald’s employees (both past and present) have raised their hand to share disturbing stories about the kitchen at their McDonald’s locations.

Often, according to these employees and former employees, McDonald’s will sell a hard muffin-like this because they don’t defrost it properly, or they try to profit off a muffin that is days or weeks old.

“When I worked at McDonald’s they just got us to cover the leftover muffins when we closed and then keep selling them,” one former employee revealed.

“They’re frozen until to morning of use,” another person claimed. “If you go early when they’re still defrosting, they should’ve told you and heated it up for you.”

The TikTok video also appeared on Yahoo Life. Thousands of readers shared comments about the poor food quality on that page, writing their stories and observations.

“I remember my brother ordered a plain cheeseburger from McDonald’s, said no onions or condiments. When he opened the wrapper, there was only a bun. No meat or cheese, just the bun. We laughed so hard that day, still laugh about it.”

“Many years ago, when I was a grill cook, a customer came in and wanted fried chicken and french fries. He said he was in a hurry. So, I put the frozen chicken and frozen fries on a plate and called for pickup. The waitress took it out. After everyone in the dining room finished laughing, the customer said ‘Ok, I have a little more time than that.’”

What do you think about this hard muffin served at McDonald’s?

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