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Meghan McCain Attacks A Guest On The View Over Her Past Relationship

During a recent episode of The View, Meghan McCain and Pamela Anderson got into an argument on air. Because the guest has a fondness for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Meghan McCain flew into a rage because she believes Assange is more of a “cyber-terrorist” than a hero of the people. Anderson, 51, the former star of Baywatch, appeared on the daytime talk show and was surprised when the conversation took a turn in the direction of her long-time relationship with Assange, the founder of the controversial Wikileaks.

Because Anderson has defended Assange’s actions, despite how they have been described as illegal and wreaked a lot of havoc on governments across the globe, The View panel got rather heated in response. But it was Meghan McCain who took up the patriotic torch to fight Anderson on her points regarding Assange.

Anderson described how Assange’s health is “really deteriorating” since Assange found himself facing United States extradition after he was kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy.

While he was hiding away at the Ecuadorian embassy, Pamela Anderson paid Assange a visit. The last time she saw him was back in May while he was being held at the Belmarsh jail in Woolwich, which is located in southeast London. He was initially jailed for breaching the bail conditions that had been set against him.

“He is the most resilient person I ever met and everything that happened to him, he told me was going to happen, so there’s no surprises,” Anderson told the hosts of The View.

She added, “It’s devastating that people have fallen for this smear campaign, especially in America. I feel like an outsider looking in, looking at how America has embraced all this propaganda.”

At that point, McCain could no longer hold her tongue. She cut Anderson off and said that he was booted from the Ecuadorian embassy because he was “defecating everywhere.”

Anderson rallied back with, “That’s a smear campaign. That’s not true.” She then asked McCain what she would do if she were “locked in a room for six years.”

Meghan McCain knows a thing or two about being patriotic. She’s conservative and the daughter of military war hero Senator John McCain. She does not have respect for people like Assange who show no loyalty.

“Well, I wouldn’t be a cyber-terrorist which he is. He hacked information. His leaks included classified documents that put our national security at risk, our military and the lives of spies.”

Anderson, growing tense at McCain’s insistence, said, “Do you know who put national security at risk in the military? How many people have the American government killed innocently and how many has WikiLeaks?”

Because Assange played a negative role in the 2016 election, Anderson had to answer for that.

“I think that people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are heroes. I think the New York Times put out information before he did. I think he redacted more than they did. It’s factual information, and he’s gone where no man has gone before.”

Do you support Anderson or McCain in this debate over WikiLeaks?

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