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MLB Pitcher Missed A Big Game For His Child’s Birth, And The Fans Refuse To Forgive Him

When a pitcher for the Washington Nationals learned that his beloved wife was going into labor, he made sure he was by her side during the birth. Professional athletes have a very busy schedule, and births are hardly ever factored into it. Unfortunately, he had to miss a game for the birth of his baby girl, and now people (fans) are criticizing him for putting his family first.

Although you might think that a Major League Baseball player should be allowed to miss a game for the birth of a child, the public’s reaction to Daniel Hudson doing that shows you that the public is not supportive of people with family obligations.

But this was not just any game Hudson missed. He skipped out on a playoff game because of his daughter’s birth. And it might cost him his job. Fans made sure that the club’s owner heard their complaints about Hudson skipping the game to be there with his wife and newborn daughter.

While his fans expected him to be on the field on the day his daughter was coming into the world, Hudson knew he didn’t even have that option. He’s a family man and was committed to being beside his wife while she delivered their baby no matter what. That meant he had to miss a playoff game to be there with her on the important occasion. And he didn’t care what the critics had to say about his lack of attendance during the pivotal MLB game.

His daughter was simply more important to him than a baseball game.

“I knew I was going to go no matter what,” Hudson said after the fact. “I was like, ‘I can’t be the only person to have a baby in the middle of the postseason.’ And for it to blow up as it did, man, it’s kind of crazy. But I didn’t really give much thought about not going. My family is a top priority for me.”

Fortunately, Hudson’s wife, Sara, had a safe and healthy birth. Their daughter, Millie, came into the world and was just perfect. Daniel Hudson made his way to be by their sides in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was happy that he skipped the baseball game to be there with his beloved wife.

While Hudson was just trying to do right by his family, critics on social media made sure their complaints were heard loud and clear.

David P. Sampson led the charge of complaints against the MLB pitcher.

“Unreal that Daniel Hudson is on paternity list and missing game 1 of NLCS. Only excuse would be a problem with the birth or health of the baby or mother. If all is well, he needs to get to St. Louis. Inexcusable. Will it matter?”

While Sampson felt anger toward Hudson for skipping the game to be with his beloved family, others were more forgiving.

Teammate Sean Doolittle stood up for his friend by telling the critics the following:

“If your reaction to someone having a baby is anything other than, ‘Congratulations, I hope everybody’s healthy.’ You’re an a-hole,” Doolittle told reporters.

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