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Mom Breastfeeds In A Public Pool, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Mother’s milk is like an elixir for little babies. Not only does it provide infants with nutrients so they can grow into stronger and healthier individuals, but human breast milk is also packed with antibiotics that can help prevent the baby from getting sick. Because breastfeeding is natural, one mother from Punta Cana, Dominican Republican has decided to share her passion for breastfeeding by doing it in public and by sharing images of it on the internet.

Katya Nova lives in the DR. She loves everything about breastfeeding that she fills her social media feed with all things breastmilk. Because Katya likes appearing in photographs while she is breastfeeding, she hopes that images of her will inspire more moms to be confident with breastfeeding and do feel less shame about it. Because Katya, 31, knows that men and social conservatives don’t feel comfortable with breastfeeding, she hopes that her beautiful, viral images will normalize nature’s method for people across the world.

Katya lives a natural life. She is very spiritual and follows holistic practices. She knows how to wield crystals and adores meditating and talking about chakras and other spiritual aspects of the human being.

After becoming a mother, Katya Nova realized that the way birth and breastfeeding was portrayed in the media was all wrong. She set out to normalize the act and spread awareness around what it was really like.

“Why is it that no film or TV show ever portrays labor/birth realistically? It is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves. No wonder most women have so much fear around birth and both men and women have no real understanding of what the birthing and postpartum healing process is like,” Katya wrote on her popular social media page.

Because Katya Nova believes that breastfeeding is natural, she breastfeeds baby Phoenix anytime she needs to. That means she listens to the baby’s needs and gives the infant her nipple to feed whenever the cry comes. Although people stare at the 31-year-old bombshell, she feels no embarrassment at breastfeeding in public. On the contrary, she feels pride in knowing that she has brought life into the world and is able to sustain Phoenix with the milk her body naturally produces.

In one image, Katya is shown breastfeeding Phoenix while they’re both in a pool. The caption reads:

“Isn’t that funny. A recent article by health mag read ‘this woman breastfeeds topless in a pool, and her gorgeous photos are going viral.’ Thank you so much, but how am I topless here? I only glanced at the comments, and of course, it’s a mixture of loveliness and haters who seem to be outraged and disgusted at the potential that a few drops of my (Boston nectar) may end up in this heavily chlorinated pool.”

Katya is not afraid to stand out and make a statement that is pro-woman.

Do you believe that Katya Nova is a good example for young mothers like her? Or is she leading people astray by being so free with breastfeeding and displaying it so honestly and openly?

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