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Mom Discovers Her Daughter Bullies Poor Classmate, Teaches Her A Valuable Lesson

Most parents think they’re children are sweet, little angels. And that may be true – while they’re being watched and monitored. But everyone knows that a person’s true personality comes forward when they think they’re not being watched. When Ally Olsen learned that her teenage stepdaughter was a cruel bully at school, she decided to teach the 14-year-old girl a lesson that she would never forget, and now it is going viral.

Kaylee, 14, loves picking on people in her class. She does it so often that the teacher started to notice. Although Kaylee is an absolute angel at home – especially in front of her stepmother Ally – her family had no idea how cruel she was being to her classmates. Thankfully, Kaylee’s teacher sent Ally an email describing the taunts and abuses she uses to ridicule her targets.

Apparently, one incident got so bad that the teacher knew she needed Ally to do something at home. Kaylee had approached another girl and called her “ugly” and “sleazy” because the teen did not like the other girl’s outfit choice. However, Kaylee did not just bully the girl once, she did it relentlessly and for so long that the girl did not want to come to class anymore. The victim lost sleep and started to struggle with her grades. Kaylee terrorized her.

Ally, who is from Utah, was shocked that her stepdaughter was actually a monster.

“We were just shocked,” she told ABC News.

When Ally confronted Kaylee about it, the girl showed no remorse. That’s when Ally decided that she needed to punish this girl because her habit of bullying grew worse.

So she came up with a genius plan to teach Kaylee a lesson.

Ally invited Kaylee on a shopping trip. She asked the teen to show her the ugliest outfits she could find. Little did the teen know, she fell right into her stepmother’s trap. She picked ugly outfits and laughed at them, lambasting any “ugly idiot” who would ever wear them. That’s when Ally broke the news to her bullying stepdaughter, she was replacing her wardrobe with the ugly clothes.

“We really thought if you felt how this little girl feels, you might have a little empathy for her,” Ally said.

Ally then forced Kaylee to wear ugly clothes for two days. Bullies swarmed her and teased her and tried to make her feel like scum – just like she had done to her victim.

Kaylee learned her lesson. Turning the tables on her taught her empathy and how to look at things from another person’s perspective.

“(It was) terrible,” Kaylee complained to ABC News about the punishment. “It was like, ‘Why would they do that to me, I’m still a normal person. It doesn’t matter what you wear.’”

Although she may still be whining about it, the important thing is that Kaylee learned her lesson. Now there are no fewer bullies walking the streets of Utah picking on people and trying to make them feel “ugly.”

Ally did the right thing. She looked at the ugliness inside her own stepdaughter and came up with a creative way to excise it.

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