Parents face so many decisions regarding their children. They need to decide what kind of food the child will eat and when it’s time for them to go to bed (and the right answer is not just when mom or dad is fed up with the little one). They must also decide who they can trust to care for their beloved child, whether it be a daycare or a babysitter.

Because children spend a lot of time with the child care workers, it is normal that they form attachments. Perhaps, the child and the daycare worker even begin to form a platonic friendship. These relationships can be instrumental in the baby/toddler growing into a strong, independent person. But these attachments could also become something far, far more bizarre.

One mom now doesn’t know if her daycare worker has crossed a line or not. When mom went to pick up her little from the childcare center, she overheard the worker telling her child, “I love you.” Did this childcare worker cross a line? Mom wasn’t sure, so she turned to Reddit to get a pulse on the issue.

“I picked up my child today from daycare, and as we were leaving, my child wanted their dummy (trying to ween off them),” the mom recounted on Reddit. “The daycare worker (50ish female) spoke to my child then cuddled them and said ‘I love you.’”

Mom understood that it is normal for children and their teachers to form a connection. But should daycare workers “love” the children they spend their days watching? Mom wasn’t so sure.

Some parents thought that this delightful! They expressed their joy at knowing that their children have so much love in their lives – even if it is coming from a person who gets paid to spend time with them.

Another mom wrote, “I call my daughter’s daycare teacher, her daycare mom, and we’ve become outside of daycare friends. She’s with her half of her day. She comforts her, plays with her, wipes her tears when I’m not able. I know she loves her, and that makes me happy, personally.”

Professionals at daycare facilities and teachers at schools have also responded to the mother’s Reddit post. They said that they love their “kids” and tell them that they love them as often as they can.

“I work in a preschool, I tell my kids how much I love them every day,” one teacher wrote. “I’m so sad that I didn’t get a chance to give them one last hug and tell them how special they are before the school shut down. I ended all of our virtual lessons by saying ‘I love you and I hope we see each other soon!’”

Other people found the daycare worker’s “love” to be too overbearing.

“I don’t mind people telling my child(ren) they love them, as long as there are absolutely no physical boundaries crossed,” wrote one user. “Lap sitting is okay. Cuddling is okay. Do not ever kiss someone else’s child.”

What is your opinion about this topic? Is it all right for daycare workers to express “love” to the children they care for?

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