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Mom Sees The School Janitor Laying With Her Autistic Daughter, Decides To Confront Her

When a child feels the love around them, they are more likely to flourish. There’s a reason that parents who resort to abuse, corporal punishment, and yelling often complain that their children suffer in school and misbehave. Anger begets anger just as much as love begets love. The more affection and kindness and love a child gets as they grow, the more likely they’re going to grow into the kind of person who can change the world for the better.

Kenlee is a little girl from Alvin, Texas. She was having a difficult morning (for undisclosed reasons) when she showed up at the Passmore Elementary School for a day of class.

Since the little fourth-grade girl wanted to get out of the school and away from all the other kids in her class, she just didn’t know what to do. The cafeteria was very noisy for her, and there was too much activity going on, and she wanted to get out of there so she could just relax and be by herself.

The little girl, Kenlee, grabbed her safety blanket, which was pink. She curled up with it and tried to relax and allow her mind to calm down.

Kenlee has autism. This means that she can need a few minutes to herself to get her mind back under her control. When there is too much noise around her – as it was during that day in the school cafeteria – getting away from it all is the best thing she can do to feel her best.

Fortunately, Kenlee’s mom works at her school as a special education paraprofessional. This means that her mom is not very far away and can be with her in a second if the demand is there.

But this one time, Kenlee’s mom revealed that it was not her who helped Kenlee deal with sensory overlord; it was the “angel on campus.” The school custodian saw that Kenlee was having a rough day. She was lying on the floor with her safety blanket. That’s when the custodian decided he’d lay on the floor next to the fourth-grade girl, giving her an extra sense of comfort.

Kenlee’s mother, Hollie, is delighted to know that other people who work at the school are willing to help her daughter when she’s in need. It can be hard for Hollie to be everywhere at once, and since she has a job to do while she’s at the school, she can’t just get away from it at any moment like she might want to when her daughter needs her.

Thankfully, the school custodian knows how to be a compassionate person. She knew that Kenlee needed someone with her to make it through the rough patch of her day. It was not something that Hollie had done to Kenlee that made her need this extra support. It was because she deals with autism and can experience overload at times.

Hollie shared the image of her daughter and the custodian lying on the floor together on Facebook. It went viral.

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