Mom Texts Deployed Dad About Their Premature Twins. Has No Idea He Planned A Surprise Visit : AWM

Mom Texts Deployed Dad About Their Premature Twins. Has No Idea He Planned A Surprise Visit

Military families have it tough. Because their hero has to go away for deployment for months at a time, the military families must make ends meet by themselves. The parent who stays state-side needs to take care of the kids, keep the house running, and hold down the home while their significant other defends democracy and American freedom abroad. Staff Sergeant Skyler Cooper had to leave his family behind when the military decided he was needed for deployment in Kuwait.

It was hard for Cooper to say goodbye to his wife, Cydney Cooper. She was currently pregnant with twin girls and had a son at home to continue to raise. She was swamped and overwhelmed, and her husband had to go on deployment when his wife needed him most. It was very hard for Cooper to deal with the situation because he didn’t want to leave his wife home alone, but he had no other choice since going on deployment was part of his job.

For months, Cydney did very well throughout her pregnancy. The twins were healthy; mom was healthy. But when she came down with the flu near the end of her pregnancy, things became terrifying. Cydney suddenly gave birth to the twin girls weeks early. Emma and Kyla came into the world at 33 weeks when they were supposed to wait until week 39.

Because Skyler was in Kuwait, he failed to be by his wife’s side while she struggled through the ordeal of the premature birth of their twins. He wanted to be there, but his responsibility toward the military prevented him from doing so. He texted. He did a video chat. He did what he could do while halfway across the world.

While Emma and Kyla got stronger, Cydney prayed that Skyler would be able to return home and meet his twin daughters. Not only did Cydney still have to raise their son, but she also had to be with her daughters in the NICU.

On day twelve, things struck a fever pitch. Cydney cradled on a crying twin in one arm and used her phone in the other. Skyler had been texting all day, demanding photos and updates from Cydney. While she was trying to do it all and send a text back to Skyler, the nurse walked in with a surprise in tow.

Skyler was back. Cydney documented her ordeal on Facebook, showing that she was tough enough to survive all the strife at home while her husband was abroad. But she was delighted to have him back.

“One year of crazy. Thousands of miles. One solo pregnancy and delivery. 48,392 Skype calls. Some superheroes. A few plane rides. Twelve NICU days. Tons of help from family and friends and many tears.”

While Cydney had to go through so much alone when she needed her husband most, he did what he could to return to her as fast as he possibly could. In the video below, you can watch Skyler Cooper surprise his wife with his return home in the best way possible.

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