Do you think young children, say five-year-olds, should be allowed to make drastic changes to the way they look? Perhaps, the child wants to wear all black – or all pink – or maybe they want to cut off all their hair. Well, for one dedicated mother named Demi Lucy May Engemann, her five-year-old daughter wanted to change the color of her hair to pink.

Because Demi wanted her little girl to be as happy as pie, she booked a session at her local hair salon. Demi figured that she and her daughter to go and enjoy a “girls’ day” and get their hair done. Demi’s daughter, Maude, ended up getting bleached blonde highlights so she could eventually dye her hair the color pink that she wanted.

Demi ended up sharing a video to TikTok of her and her daughter’s day in the salon, which quickly became a source of contention as people ridiculed the mother for allowing her daughter to dictate what her hair looked like. Many people were offended that Demi allowed her five-year-old daughter to change the color of her hair to pink because it is a process that lasts for a long time and one that she would likely regret.

However, there were some people who viewed the girls’ day as a source of pride for mom and daughter.

One person wrote in the comments, “Life is so short, and this is so fun. This is for sure a core memory for her.”

Another viewer wrote, “This is so precious. She’ll remember this forever.”

Although Demi felt that she and Maude had a “special and fun bonding moment” at their local salon, some internet trolls proceeded to attack mom for allowing her child to bleach her hair so she could dye it the shade of pink that she wanted.

One person wrote, “This is so cringey.”

Another critical comment stated, “My mom did this to me too, and it took me 18 years to be comfortable and love my true self as a brunette again.”

Some people also gave Demi some suggestions for dyes that would not be so permanent in case the little girl ended up not liking the color she had picked.

But the viral video ended with a lot of people asking for follow-up content, writing in: “Where’s the pink?”

Several weeks later, Demi uploaded another video. In this second video in the series, she shows herself dying Maude’s blonde hair pink as she wanted. However, she did the dying at home rather than shelling out cash to go to the local salon.

The result was rather shocking.

Demi also uploaded another video in which she lambasted “the haters” who criticized her for allowing her five-year-old daughter to get her hair colored changed.

“I’m honestly exhausted from commenting back to mom shamers and trolls in the comments. That’s never okay. You can disagree. That’s fine, but the minute name-calling starts, or mom shaming starts based on one decision that you disagree with, that’s where I’m going to put an end to that.”

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