After pushing out her newborn son in a matter of twenty minutes, 29-year-old mother Brittany Noschesem wants the world to know what it is like. That’s why this mom with dreadlocks has shared a number of snaps just minutes after her third baby came into the world. Although the images are “raw” and may be upsetting for some viewers, Brittany does not care and claims to feel empowered by the images, despite giving birth to her boy on the toilet.

Brittany’s plan was to give her son a waterbirth at home. She had a special tub set up in the bedroom for this to happen. However, her son, Nash, had entirely different plans for his first day on Earth. Instead of going along with the waterbirth, he came out of his mom while she was sitting on the toilet.

The images from her son’s birthday leave the mom feeling “empowered” because they show the children’s “first home.”

“With my third child, I decided I wanted to do a home birth, so my eldest children Jett, then six and Ella, then five, could be there too,” she explained. “It was also supposed to by my first water birth, but in my own home environment.”

The boy, Nash, is now three. The midwife arrived as soon as possible. But Brittany was already deep into labor.

“We had everything set up in our bedroom; the tarp on the floor, a birthing tub, was set up in the middle of our bedroom. But I never actually sat in it as Nash arrived whilst the water was filling up, and I was still on the toilet! I get goosebumps by just looking at the pictures – each photo tells a story, and you can feel the emotion. I would love for people to realize that they already have the power within themselves.”

She added, “Births do not always go as planned. However, each one of them can be a positive and empowered one. Each birth story is unique and sacred.”

On the day of the birth, Brittany woke up and knew that it was about to happen. She woke her 31-year-old husband, Zane, who called their midwife (who also served as the photographer).

“I knew it was happening and that I was going to meet my little one very soon,” she said. “My body was progressing pretty quickly, and I couldn’t find a comfortable position on the birthing ball. The tub wasn’t full enough for me to get in just yet, but my contractions had started. I got on my fours: hands and knees for the remaining of the time, but I felt the urge pee, so I went to sit on the toilet and felt a sudden huge pressure on the bottom of my belly.”

Brittany felt a “huge pop” and had no choice but to give birth on the toilet.

“‘I sat back down on the toilet, and I slowly felt the baby making his way down in my body,” she explained. “I did not push – my body did – as I told Zane, “the head is coming!” I was comfortable on the toilet, so I decided to stay there.”

What do you think about these extraordinary circumstances?

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