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More And More Pregnant Woman Are Eating This Restaurant’s “Labor Inducer” Burger Because It Works

There’s a restaurant in Minnesota that has become very popular among pregnant women who are ready to give birth. Because the restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota, called The Suburban, has an item on the menu that has apparently induced labor for two women, the restaurant calls the burger “Labor Inducer.” When women are very pregnant and have reached full term, they are flocking to the restaurant to get their reproductive system into gear and prepare their baby for entry into the world.

The Labor Inducer burger has caused two pregnant women to go into labor within hours of eating it. Because of this, the restaurant’s item is its claim to fame and has attracted other full-term mommies-to-be who are ready to go into labor.

The labor-inducing item was added to the menu earlier this year. Although it was not intended to cause pregnant women to go into labor spontaneously – the chef simply thought it would taste good – the burger has done just that on more than one occasion.

Since the burger was added to the menu, two women reported giving birth within hours of eating it. Because of this magic effect, more and more pregnant moms are flocking to the Excelsior restraint to stuff their stomachs with the labor-inducing ingredients in the burger.

The burger is officially called “Labor Inducer” on the restaurant’s menu. The ingredients include an Angus beef patty, honey-cured bacon, peach caramelized onions, spicy mustard, and Cajun remoulade on a thick pretzel bun. The restaurant has even put up a sign counting how many babies have been born as a result of the Labor Inducer.

Chef Enrique invented the magic burger. He invented the recipe back in April as his submission to the Twin Cities Burger Battle. Enrique asked restaurant co-owner Kelsey Quarberg to help him pick the contest entry. She tasted samples of his entrants to the contest and fell in love with the burger. She was pregnant at the time and asked him to make her a bigger version of the Labor Inducer. Seven hours later, she gave birth to her first son, a boy named Sam. Sam came into the world nine full days before he was due.

Kelsey’s sister, and co-owner Ashley Berset, then named the burger The Labor Inducer and put it on the menu.

Enrique’s burger took third place in the burger battle, but then it became a legend when it helped customer Katy Engler go into labor. She was eating at the restaurant with her husband and was charmed by the burger’s name.

“It was my due date. I was very done being pregnant,” she said. “(I thought) if I don’t (eat it) it’s like me telling the universe, ‘I don’t need your help,’ and I did.”

The burger worked its magic, and Katy gave birth to daughter Elyse hours later.

Now pregnant women who are “done being pregnant” are flocking to the restaurant to try Enrique’s award-winning burger. The restaurant says that three pregnant women come in every day.

Enrique can’t wait for his burger magic to do the trick for another happy mom to be.

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