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New Law Will Fine Dog Owners For Not Cleaning Up Their Pet’s Urine

Pet owners are upset now that there is a new rule in Seville, Spain. Dog owners are expected to carry disinfectant to clean up their dog’s urine when pets pee on property. The local police are ready to catch dog owners in the act of failing to clean up after their pee-out pooches. Because dog owners are notoriously lazy in Seville, local authorities found it high-time to hold them accountable for the mess their dogs create around the otherwise pristine city.

The decision to fine dog owners for failing to clean up their canine’s pee was passed by the Seville’s council. Now people are expected to bring both bags to grab their pooch’s hot poop from the sidewalk and a spray bottle of disinfectant to make sure the dog’s pee does not damage any property. If the pet owner is caught without the spray bottle, they’ll have to fork over cash for a hefty fine.

The decision to use bottles of disinfecting spray is not set in stone. Right now they’re performing a trial of the new measure. It was the best decision they could come up with since the smell of dog urine had made the Spanish city stench to high heaven.

Seville is not the first Spanish city to order dog owners to clean up after their pets. The city of Almeria has required dog walkers to carry a solution of vinegar and water to help clean up after their pooch’s foul-smelling pee since July.

For a long time, dogs have run amok in Spain. Their defecation and urination have caused people to suffer for a long time. There are even towns in the country that have shelled out taxpayer dollars to hire private poo detectives. The issue was highlighted in 2016 in the city of Torrelodones when activists installed a nine-foot inflatable poo in the town square. They wanted to raise awareness around the stinky issue to make sure dog owners were doing the right thing instead of leaving their dog’s crap all over the place. But doggie pee is also an issue as it leaves the city streets smelling horrible.

The city of La Coruna has turned to DNA analysis to find effable dog owners. They tested poo samples and then linked the data back to dog owners. When the irresponsible dog owner was identified, they were asked to clean up after their dog and pay the price of the DNA analysis.

Madrid used a unique method of shaming dog owners into picking up their dog’s defecation. The city hired cars shaped like feces to chase down dog owners who failed to pick up after their pooches. The cars were labeled with the message, “Don’t leave me. Pick me up!”

In Seville, dog owners could pay up to $100 if they don’t clean up after their dog’s mess. However, that can rise to as much as $1,000 if the owner of the dog finds themselves in really deep crap.

What do you think about Spain’s obsession with getting pet owners to clean up after their dogs?

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