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Nobody In Target Will Ever Be Able To Forget What They Saw This Man Do In The Aisle

Take a good look at this man’s face. This is 20-year-old Cody Meader. He’s the man who was caught “having sex” with a stuffed toy version of the character Olaf, the snowman, from Disney’s Frozen. Meader was dry-humping the stuffed doll in the middle of a Target location in Florida. Meader had his pants down and was “going at it,” and was excited by the fact that he had so many people watching his depraved act, and forever scarred their minds, when he finished by ejaculating all over the stuffed doll.

On Tuesday afternoon, Meader was detained and later arrested for what he did to the Olaf doll in the Florida Target. Because he was abusing the doll in the middle of the children’s aisle at the store in St. Petersburg, police took special “care” to treat Meader with the “respect” that he deserved.

Following the incident with Olaf, the snowman, Meader, set his sights on a stuffed unicorn, which he was ready to attack as well. Fortunately, the police arrived in time to stop the depraved lunatic from finishing his depraved sex act on that children’s toy as well.

Eyewitnesses described the scene to the police. Meader lay the stuffed Olaf toy “on the floor” as if he had the doll in bed at home. It was 2 pm at the shop in Pinellas Park when Meader got down on top of the snowman and started having sex with it. When he ejaculated all over the toy, he placed the dripping doll back on the shelf and then grabbed “a large unicorn stuffed animal,” which he proceeded to ejaculate all over as well.

Target later removed the toys from the store and destroyed them.

When police apprehended him, Meader laughed off the incident as “stupid stuff” and then admitted that he “nutted” on the toy. The St. Petersburg police went easy on the man who had sex with the children’s toys, charging him simply with “criminal mischief” despite him exposing himself and having sex with the toy in public in the children’s toy aisle. What if a child saw what he did to Olaf, the snowman, or the giant unicorn?

Meader had been arrested in the past for a similar offense. That time he was at a Walmart location in Brooksville. He picked up a children’s toy and masturbated with it. At that time in 2015, he was charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief. Now that he’s older and an adult, it is bizarre that the St. Petersburg law enforcement agents did not go harder on the criminal.

The criminal report said that Meader “proceeded to lay (the large Olaf stuffed animal) on the floor and ‘dry hump’ the item until he ejaculated onto the merchandise, before placing it back on display. The defendant then entered the toys department, where he selected a large unicorn stuffed animal and began to ‘dry hump’ this item. The items were removed from the store floor, and the defendant was detained while still inside the store.”

What do you think about this crime?

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