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Security Cam Catches The Moment A Tree Crashes Through The Roof On These Two Sisters

While hanging out at home in Lusby, Maryland, teenage sisters Mariah and Ashley Stone only wanted to do one thing – talk about boys. But home security footage captured the moment when their conversation came to a screeching halt when a tree fell onto the roof of their house, crashing through the ceiling, onto the two teen sisters. Following the catastrophe, the sisters would admit that “the fridge saved our lives.”

Because the teen girls were just trying to enjoy a lazy day at home with their dog, they were chatting while the TV was on. Because they liked to watch TV with the volume all the way up, they didn’t hear any of the ruckus going on outside until a loud “boom” thrashed through the world. It was as loud as an earthquake. But earthquakes are not common occurrences in Maryland. This led the teens to question the world around them.

In a flash, a large tree fell through the roof of their home. Mariah and Ashley screamed at the top of their lungs as their world came falling down around them. Instead of trying to save their skins, the pair did everything possible to protect their pup from the destruction.

The footage got captured because the family contracted with Ring to protect their home. The footage shows the moment the tree uproots from the family’s lawn and comes crashing down on the roof of the house. While the family scream as loud as they can, they do what they can to protect the family dog. Instead of thinking for themselves first, they do what they can to save the life of their dog.

Footage shows as the ceiling fall onto the girls and their dog. The roof, the ceiling, the insulation collapse into the home as the large tree smashes into the building. Their world is utterly thrown upside down as everything comes tumbling down upon the young girls.

Mariah and Ashley were horrified, but their initial reaction is to save their dog. This proves that they have good hearts.

Thankfully, the girls are left unhurt except for minor injuries. They are able to call their father, their personal hero, who checks the Ring camera to see that his home has been smashed to bits by the tree.

By looking at the wreckage, the girls were lucky to get away with a few scrapes. The fact that they survived with their lives proves that these girls had God on their side. Because their home was utterly destroyed when the tree came crashing down on the Maryland property, the girls could have found themselves seriously injured or worse. But since they went after their dog and tried to save the pooch from the falling roof, they managed to keep themselves safe as well. It all worked out in the end, and homeowner’s insurance should cover the damage that happened to the roof.

You can watch the tree smash into the home via the Ring video footage included below.

What do you think about the way the refrigerator saved the lives of the two young girls?

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