She Got Pulled Over For Going 51 In A School Zone, But It’s Her Attitude That Is Causing Controversy : AWM

She Got Pulled Over For Going 51 In A School Zone, But It’s Her Attitude That Is Causing Controversy

Police officers serve an important role in protecting and serving their local communities. They tend to be a close-knit group of people that always have each other’s backs. Yet this connection has also been used to accuse police departments of hiding or concealing the misconduct of their officers. In response, many officers have begun or became required to wear body cameras.

The cameras are intended to increase the transparency in what these police officers deal with on a daily basis. They are meant to catch police officers acting inappropriately, but they also capture the civilian side of the interaction too!

A Florida police officer recently pulled over a 62-year-old woman for driving above the speed limit while traveling in a school zone. This meant that her ticket was over $600 and she didn’t take it lightly.

The officer in question has remained anonymous, but the Sheriff’s office commented on the situation to the Palm Beach Post. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said that the officer pulled her over for speeding near the Hagen Road Elementary School in Boynton Beach, Florida.

They also released the officer’s dash-cam footage of the incident It doesn’t paint Feinberg in a good light whatsoever. The first thing she did was plead with the officer for some mercy in the situation. This works fairly well for people, depending on the mood of the officer in question.

“Please give me a warning, it’s so high now..” she pleads, referring to the price of the speeding ticket. “Please, I’m begging you!”

“Sorry, it’s too fast,” the officer responded.

She continued to complain, growing more aggressive by the second. She eventually resorts to denouncing the entire police force all because of a simple ticket. Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket, but that’s no excuse for acting like an animal.

The incident would never have gone viral if not for the final statement from Joy. This is the one that set most people over the edge.

“No wonder you people get shot,” she said venomously. “You’re absolute a*****es.”

“Okay, thank you, ma’am.”

Sheriff Bradshaw confirmed what anybody can clearly see on the tape. The police officer is simply doing his job, yet Feinberg decided to attack him both personally and professionally.

“There seems like there’s this trend of disrespect when here’s a deputy trying to save children’s lives and somebody has got to talk to us like that?” he told WSVN-TV. “I think it’s unacceptable.”

Speeding fines are more significant near schools because there are children around almost all the time. Children don’t always make the best decisions, like looking both ways when crossing the street. Increasing the fines is a simple way to encourage safer driving in these busy school zones.

A $600 ticket might seem excessive to some for the “crime” in question. At the end of the day, you have to ask how important the lives of these children are. All it takes is one distracted, speeding driver to have another tragedy on our hands.

What do you think of this woman’s reaction to her speeding ticket? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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