She grew up in Florida and was always a “big girl.” However, 25-year-old Sam Paige did not just have to deal with body issues; she also had to fight against the constant bullying she faced from her cruel peers. Her own brother called her “fatzilla,” while her parents forced her onto a diet when she was just eleven years old to lose weight. Now, Paige has come forward to show that she has learned to embrace her size-24 curves and has lashed out at her haters by publishing a series of bikini photos to the internet.

Parents Paula, 55, and David, 55, forced Sam onto a weight-loss diet when she was in elementary school. Nevertheless, she was continually bullied and mistreated by people in school and at home. This led to negative emotions that haunted her for years.

“I grew up as the big girl and have had to learn my whole life how to love my body,” Sam said. “I started dancing when I was five years old, and as I was the big girl, I had to work a lot harder on faking my comfortability within my body.”

Sam insists that her parents tried to monitor her diet but never said anything about her size. The verbal abuse all came from her brother and her peers.

“Generally, I felt fine about myself, but when I was eleven years old, I was put on food restrictions and told by my parents that I needed to be more aware of what I put in my mouth due to my size,” she said. “Despite this, my mom never made me feel bad about my body and always went shopping with me to find outfits that fitted me well, rather than getting fixated on the dress size. As a family, we always tried to make healthier choices together.”

In high school, Sam was consistently mocked and ridiculed by boys. They would make fun of her and call her names because of her above-average weight.

“During school, I was often bullied for my size where the boys in my class used to call me names such as “cow” and “whale” and even sometimes just laughed at me and asked why I was so fat,” she recalled. “I think they did this to keep me quiet because they knew it would make me shut up and cry. Even my own brother used to call me names such as ‘Fatzella,’ which really hurt, and I started to feel bad about my body.”

Sam always liked the clothes her friends wore but could never find anything in her size. This was also true for bikinis.

“There were no two-piece bikinis in my size, only ugly tankinis. Hollister only went to a size large, and I’ve been an extra-large for most of my life,” she said. “Jeans stopped at a size twelve when I was a size sixteen, and it made me feel so sad that I couldn’t wear crop tops and pretty jeans from the popular brands like everyone else.”

Things are different now because Sam has learned to embrace her natural size.

“Now, I love showing off my body, and I don’t care if people stare at me anymore, as I’ll never see them again.”

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