When a woman broke up with her abusive boyfriend, she came across a note he wrote that detailed how to make a coffin that fits her body measurement exactly. Although the man labeled the note “vacation plans,” adding an emoji smiley face after the words, the note from the woman’s former “abusive” lover made it pretty clear that he was thinking of a way to dispose of her body after ending her life.

The woman, who lives in Southern California, found the sticky note on her ex-lover’s toolbox and knew it was time to get as far away from the man as possible. She did not want to die at his hands.

She turned to Reddit to share the note and wrote: “I left my abusive partner and found this post-it note in his toolbox that details his plans for a coffin that he labels ‘vacation plans :).’ It matches my measurements.”

Hundreds of people shared responses to the alarming note. Many people urged the woman to go to the cops with the note because it seemed to indicate that the man wanted her dead and was already planning how to dispose of her body.

One Reddit user wrote: “I’d file for a restraining order and report that to the cops. He might be full of s***, or he might not be. That’s a threat and was left for you to find.”

Another added: “While most likely not for you as others have pointed out, I would hold on to this in case your ex gets more aggressive and makes a threat. It would be hard to defend a rough coffin sketch labeled ‘vacation plans.’ Also, probably suggest he sees a specialist if you could. Might be his coffin instead.”

One person suggested that at least the man’s plans were still in the preliminary phase: “The good news is this design plan is complete nonsense, and judging by the drawing and measurements, I’d say the guy couldn’t build a birdhouse, let alone a coffin. What would be really terrifying is if the guy enrolled in a carpentry course.”

However, some people feared that the woman would not receive help from the cops.

“Nothing would happen. I’ve been abused by an ex, and even had I gone to someone, the only proof I have of his violence is a patched hole in the wall at my home, but even still, he just punched a wall in rage; it’s my word against his. Never had any marks or anything, so what would they do here? It’s a drawing. Frankly, I could see the guy accusing them of making it and fabricating it. That would work surprisingly well.”

The woman said she plans on going to the police with the note as evidence, just in case her ex-boyfriend tries to make good on his “vacation plans.” Let’s hope this story has a happy ending and that the woman is able to live her life free from fear.

What would you do if you found a note like this from your partner?

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