Across the country, states are cracking down on child molesters. Not only has the state of Alabama legalized chemical castration for all molesters of children under the age of thirteen, but other states are also administering harsher and longer punishments. For example, it has only been a few months since a man was convicted of impregnating a ten-year-old girl in the act of child rape – and now the convict is speaking out that the 160-year sentence he received is too much.

The little girl, who we will call Alicia to protect her identity, was living with her mother and her live-in boyfriend not long ago. That’s when the boyfriend, Nicholas Thrash, allegedly sexually molested her, resulting in her impregnation. Because Thrash repeatedly abused and molested the child, things escalated to the point when she eventually fell pregnant.

Thrash, 35, began abusing the little girl when she was just eight-years-old. She was abused across state lines in both Georgia and Indiana. But it was during her time in Indiana when the pregnancy began to show for the first time. The obvious choice of the father was none other than the mother’s boyfriend, Thrash, who had been abusing the little girl behind everyone’s back for years.

When a criminal investigation began into Alicia’s molestation, the mother agreed to the proposed “safety plan” to keep Thrash as far away from the little girl as possible.  But the predator convinced the mother to move into a home with him in Indiana. At that point, he escalated his abuses of the child and impregnated her when she was just ten-years-old.

After the child fell pregnant, authorities arrested Thrash on May 2017. Because the girl’s mother failed to follow the “safety plan” and keep the vulnerable girl as far away from the predator as possible, she was also arrested. Prosecutors claim that the mother even knew that the abuse was happening but failed to do anything to protect the child from the criminal attacks.

After the arrests of the mother and Thrash, 10-year-old Alicia and her child were placed into foster care.

And not long after both her predator and her mother were sentenced, Alicia had a mental breakdown and was sent to a mental health facility for recovery. At that time, the now thirteen-year-old was separated from her baby.

But now, according to Alicia’s grandmother, the young mother is doing well and is “in good spirits” despite the horrendous abuses she endured throughout her childhood.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Thrash has begun his 160 years prison sentence. And he does not like it. He has since filed an appeal to the Indiana State Supreme Court to challenge his conviction and lessen his time behind bars.

He argues that the length of the sentence is not appropriate. He said that inappropriate evidence was also shared at the trial.

Since the appeal was applied for, the prosecutors claim that it won’t hold up. They claim they did everything by the book and that Thrash deserves every year of his 160-year sentence.

Meanwhile, Alicia’s mother is serving her 20 years behind bars.

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