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The Mom Who Homeschools Her 15 Kids Just Made A Startling Announcement

Because she grew up as an only child, Lyette Reback always knew she wanted to have a large family. Although she never changed a diaper growing up and never held a job as a babysitter, she felt that deep within her soul that her purpose in life was to bring as many children as she could into the world. That’s why when she married her husband David at just 19-years-old, Lyette wasted not a moment beginning her journey to motherhood.

Just days after Lyette and David first met, they got married. Two years later, he got her pregnant. They were ready to go on the journey of building a large family together.

Over the years, Lyette and David popped out child after child. They had six boys and nine girls; eleven of their children were their biological children, while the other four were adopted. Nevertheless, Lyette felt that she’d achieved her dream of having an extremely large family and had completed it all before she turned forty.

Although Lyette’s friends thought she was crazy for having so many children, the busy mom loves every moment of her hectic life. She’s always on the go, doing everything she can to give her fifteen children the best life possible.

She takes her children to a total of 88 sports practices every week. She needs to do 42 loads of laundry a week, and she spends $650 per week on groceries. That’s the total after the buys her groceries at the cheapest place possible and at wholesale. She stocks her fridges with 12 gallons of milk, 100 eggs, and 40 pounds of chicken and 50 pounds of potatoes. Her growing family loves to eat, and they demand Lyette cook all their meals for them.

Ever since she was nineteen-years-old, Lyette has been living her life for her family. She’s put her needs and wants aside so she could give her family the best of the best.

While Lyette and David don’t have much – they live in a cramped three-bedroom home in Palm Beach, Florida – they have each other.

Lyette is also responsible for homeschool all fifteen of her children. She doesn’t trust the Florida school system with her kids, so she does it all herself.

From the beginning of their relationship, Lyette and David knew they were meant to be parents to as many children as possible. While Lyette achieved that dream by having fifteen children before she turned forty, she and David don’t think they’re quite done with growing their family.

In between all the parent, Lyette has written a book and mastered the art of being a homemaker. That’s why she decided to have a sixteenth child!

“If I had known then that by the time I was 40 I would have 16 kids I would have thought it was crazy,” she told the NY Post. “If the number of children we have comes up in conversation or people see us out, and they don’t know our family, they are like, ‘holy mackerel.’ At first, when there were four or five little girls, it was, ‘Oh my gosh, you are crazy, how are you doing that?’ People would joke or say things like, ‘Don’t you have a TV in your bedroom?'”

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