Many people pack baby carrots into their lunches because they’re a quick and easy snack. But if you decided to read this article all the way through, you might want to rethink about eating baby carrots ever again. Not only are we going to reveal that baby carrots are doused and treated with chlorine before being shipped to your local grocery store, but you might also want to think twice about adding these bright orange items to your grocery cart next time you’re in the store.

Most people consider baby carrots to be a quick and easy snack. However, food experts and scientists have done some research and found that baby carrots, while nutritious, could be covered in harmful chemicals that may be toxic to the human body. When you buy a package of baby carrots – especially those already peeled and individually packed – you could be putting your health at risk.

As these root vegetables are cleaned and packaged, they’re doused in heavy amounts of chlorine to kill off any unwanted germs and microorganisms. The people processing baby carrots don’t want consumers to eat pathogens or bacteria that could prove harmful to the body. But to solve this one problem, they introduce an entirely new risk by dousing these vegetables in chlorine, which can be dangerous and toxic to your overall health when introduced to the body at high levels.

Chlorine is a naturally occurring substance on Earth. It is harnessed from salt and used for many purposes. Primarily, chlorine is known for its disinfecting properties, which are quite powerful. That’s why the billion-dollar food industry uses it to sterilize their products. They don’t care about the health of the American consumer and know that by using chlorine, they can meet health and safety regulations, which do not usually look a chlorine content as a risk factor since they’re searching for bacteria and germs.

Fortunately, you’d need to eat a lot of baby carrots treated with chlorine to have a negative health effect on you. But some people like to eat a lot of these vegetables. For those people, it might be worth considering the switch over to regular carrots or a variety of baby carrots that promises not to have been touched with the harmful chlorine chemical.

Although it is unlikely for a person to become sick from consuming enough baby carrots to induce chlorine poisoning, problems can arise when people consume a lot of chlorine over a long period of time. It could affect a person’s ability to absorb the mineral iodine. This can lead to iodine deficiency, which can be very destructive in children. Iodine deficiency can inhibit the blood’s uptake of oxygen, which can lead to many more health problems.

Treatment for excess chlorine in the blood can be difficult and very expensive.

Baby carrots became popular in the 1980s when a farmer found that grocery stores were rejecting his short carrots. He peeled them and then sold them as a snack.

If you buy baby carrots, do some research to see if the variety sold in your grocery store is treated with chlorine. It might be a good move for your health.

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