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The Way This Bride Threw Her Bouquet Had Everyone At The Wedding In Tears

Weddings can be full of surprises. From choreographed dance routines to spur-of-the-moment speeches, guests can often find themselves in a state of shock from what ends up happening. A young woman from Alabama named Savannah Gore definitely didn’t see what was about happen at her boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. As she stood there, preparing to wrestle a few women to catch the bouquet, the bride walked straight toward her.

But wait—what was even happening?

Twenty-one-year-old Amie Murphee was having the time of her life at her wedding. She had just exchanged “I dos” with new hubby Colter Calhoun, and they were excited to start swinging around the dance floor together. But first, she had something planned.

A few weeks before the wedding, her 19-year-old brother Matthew approached Aimee with an idea. He’d been dating his girlfriend for a little while now, and he planned to marry her very soon. With Amie’s blessing, he actually wanted to surprise her at her wedding. And Amie couldn’t think of a more perfect way to do it!

Fast forward to the day of the wedding. Amie stands backward on the dance floor and calls out for everyone to start counting for her. She winds up to toss her bouquet backward, but on three, she stops and turns around.

The whole room gets quiet. Nobody really knows what’s going on, especially when Amie hands the bouquet to young Savannah Gore. Savannah might be more confused than anybody. You can see the confusion on her face as she laughs at first, wondering if maybe this was a joke, and then realizing that something special might be about to happen.

In walks her boyfriend, the bride’s brother (pictured above with his sister). He stops in front of Savannah, whispers something, and slips the promise ring he’d already given her off of her finger!

That’s when the room starts realizing what’s happening. Savannah covers her mouth. The girls in the background do too.

When Matthew gets on one knee, the guests start getting emotional. People are jumping up and down in disbelief of what they are witnessing. Everyone is clapping. And the best part? She says yes!

Soon after the wedding, the bride shared the video on Twitter, saying, “I got married, and my brother got engaged. This was the most special day of my life.” The video got millions of views and eventually even caught the attention of the Today show!

As they say on the show, it’s so selfless that the sister was willing to share the spotlight with her future sister-in-law. What a wonderful brother-sister moment that they’ll be able to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Matthew, the bride’s brother, told, “Words can’t really explain how much that meant to me for her to share her day with me like that. It shows what kind of a person she really is.”

And Matthew, we couldn’t agree more! I think your sister deserves one amazing wedding gift after that one!

What wedding surprise stories do you have to share?

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