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These 10 Men Start Singing My Favorite Song, But It’s When They Start Dancing That Everyone Erupts

When a well-known song gets an a cappella cover, it’s often elevated to new heights as it has a unique new spin. This rendition of the classic song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” however, is absolutely the most entertaining version you’ll ever see. The Indiana University group Straight No Chaser is a talented collection of men, but they’re also beyond hilarious.

Watch Straight No Chaser’s crowd-pleasing version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” while they were on tour in New Mexico.

As the music starts, one of the men explains how they created their own choreography for the song. Who knew it would be so funny?

Taking a look at their website, you get a glimpse of an idea that they have a slightly different approach to a cappella, as they explain:

“If the phrase ‘male a cappella group’ conjures up an image of students in blue blazers, ties, and khakis singing traditional college songs on ivied campuses… think again. Straight No Chaser (SNC) are neither strait-laced nor straight-faced, but neither are they vaudeville-style kitsch. As original member Randy Stine comments, ‘We take the music very seriously; we just don’t take ourselves too seriously.’ In the process, they are reinventing the idea of a cappella on the modern pop landscape.”

The group has been around for years, as they further explain that they have “reassembled and reemerged as a phenomenon — with a massive fanbase, more than 20 million views on YouTube, numerous national TV appearances, and proven success with two holiday releases.”

The site further explains: “In an era when so much pop music is the product of digital processing and vocal pro-tooling, Straight No Chaser is the real deal — the captivating sound of ten unadulterated human voices coming together to make extraordinary music that is moving people in a fundamental sense… and with a sense of humor.”

That sense of humor comes shining through in this performance and the crowd clearly is having just as much fun as they are.

They kick things off, wearing their tan suits, by engaging in some light stretching before they get into their silly cover of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Among the many fans who weighed in with comments on the YouTube video was one person who shared: “These guys are my favorite a-cap group of all time. They look like they’re having so much fun and that joy for life is definitely contagious. I need more of this stuff… just hook it to my veins!”

Other commenters added: “Great Job! They enjoyed themselves and engaged the audience completely!” and “This makes me smile so much! Always loved this song, brings so much nostalgia.”

Many people were impressed all around, with one commenter noting: “Love it! The lead has a very nice and pure tenor and falsetto voice. Choreography was fun too!!”

For those who weren’t fans of the cover, one commenter noted: “It’s a parody mix everybody! It’s not supposed to be serious. I assure you they can and do awesomely perfect a cappella, but so do a lot of other groups… but these are the only ones I’ve found that parody and mix songs.”

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