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Video: Mom Is Not Happy When She Sees The Haircuts Dad Gave The Kids

Divorces are extremely hard on children. And when it is not a peaceful divorce, the children sometimes feel as if they have to choose sides between their parents. And that is an extreme situation for a child to be in. So when an ex-wife saw the haircuts that dad gave the kids, she flew into a rage. Whether or not she had a right to be angry, the incident became heated and as the children were forced to watch on in horror.

The YouTube video that shows this exchange unfolding was filmed by the father after he gave the children haircuts. The title of the clip is “ex-wife acting out in front of kids.”

As the seven-and-a-half-minute clip gets underway, we come into the argument as it has already begun. Mom is standing outside of the vehicle and is clearly upset.

She says: “I need answers. As custodial parent, I’m supposed to know exactly what’s what. Can you please tell me where you cut my children’s hair?”

To that question, dad responds: “I gave my kids a haircut.”

By the way, they use the possessive pronoun “my” you can tell they are gearing up to fight each other and no longer feel a connection despite their past.

“You had no authority. Did you consult with me? Did you consult with me?”

Meanwhile, dad is trying to get out of this heated argument. He keeps asking for permission to leave because his ex-wife is in the way of a moving vehicle.

The ex-wife then calls out to someone and says: “Can you get the police because he’s taking my photo and he won’t tell me exactly what happened. He had no right to do that.”

The video goes on like that for some time. Dad gets out of the car at one point because he is afraid his ex-wife is about to vandalize his vehicle. At that point, you can see that the mother has the two small children with her standing behind the idling car.

The father of the children uploaded the video with the following description:

“This is my ex-wife and her mother acting out because I got my kids haircuts. This all took place in a New Jersey police station parking lot. After this, she walked into the police station to file a DV complaint, in which the only thing that prevented me from going to jail was this video. She later filed a complaint with DCS. This is common behavior for her, and I never seen any other type of behavior.”

Of the eleven thousand comments left at the bottom of this YouTube video, the following are selected to give you a sense of the public’s reaction to this outburst.

“Why is she fighting in front of the kids like that?”

“I don’t know what happened between you and your ex, but she is acting shameful. She tells the kids to scratch the car. It is going to backfire on her. When they get older, they are going to realize that their mom affected their relationship with their dad.”

What’s your reaction?

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